You got love to burn

You got love to burn.
You better
take your chance on love.
You got to let your guard down
You better take a chance,
A chance on love.
Take chance on love
On love.

In the valley of hearts there’s
a house full of broken windows
And the lovers inside just
quarrel all the time
Why’d you ruin my life?
Where you takin’ my kid?
And they hold each other saying:
How did it come to this?

You got love to burn.
You better take your chance
on love.

You got love to burn
Hello lovelies!

A new week is here and with it, some newness from BlackOpium.! A original bikini for those sunny days in SL, hope you enjoy it!

Have fun shopping!


Treasured Memories

The Creative Concepts of Second Life

Treasured Memories

Engraved forever in my mind
The smell of sugar pie in the oven
And my grandmother’s loving hands
Their gentleness their softness
Ever busy and endlessly creating

Only on rare occasions would they stop to play cards
This crazy game called Pinochle
That she had taught only me
I still see my grandmother’s hands holding cards
And how she loved this silly game with its silly rules

I mostly remember we had to marry kings and queens
And how she so gleefully laughed when she did
I often compared it in my head to playing dolls
I would love to listen and register her childlike joy
It never ceased to amaze me

This pinochle with its silly rules
How my grand-mother loved every minute of it
Especially how she would play with only me and then
How delicious that slice of sugar pie straight out of the oven
Unforgettable quality…

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