Fall Relaxation

Gem's Finds

Fall is the time of year when slow down from summer and just take time to breath.  All the abundant colors of nature shine during this time of year.  Swank just opened a new round which is where most of my finds came from.  Simply So‘s Outdoor Tub is the perfect place to relax.  Wood Works picnic table provides an alternative seating to my tub to watch my little bird friends who live in the Boots ‘nBirdhouse by the same creator.   They get water from the Pedestal Fountain by Balderdash that comes in a variety of colors.

Hot Tub | Simply So – Outdoor Tub*

Birdhouse | Wood Works – Boots ‘n Birdhouse*

Picnic Table | Wood Works – Picnic Table*

Fountain | Balderdash – Pedestal Fountain Rainbow*

Grass | Mind Garden – Wild Grass Early Autumn*

Fall Trees | Simply Shelby – Autumn Colors Landscape Garden

Bush | Alirium

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Last dive

I could fall, or I could fly
Here in your aeroplane
And I could live, I could die
Hanging on the words you say
And I’ve been known to give my all
And lie awake, every day
Don’t know how much I can take

So don’t call me baby
Unless you mean it
Don’t tell me you need me
If you don’t believe it
So let me know the truth
Before I dive right into you

Last Dive

Hello lovelies!

New round of UniK and tons of awesomeness to find!

Showing you some of the latest, hope you enjoy!

Have fun shopping!


Evening Attire

Gem's Finds

A new round of Designer Showcase just opened for the month and as always it brings a bunch of new designs from the great designers.  The Summer Girl Dress comes from Evolve Apparel and includes the jacket.  I paired it with the Princess Set from !IT! Cazimi also released a new nails Palette 2019 with a beautiful purple shades that match my outfit.

Dress | Evolve Apparel – Summer Girl*

Necklace | !IT! – Princess Necklace (earrings not shown)*

Nail Polish | Cazimi – Nails Palette 2019*

Hair | Truth – Mitzi

Lipstick | Shiny Stuff – Fix It With Lipgloss (PP April 2019)
Eye Makeup | #Adored – Adorabundle July 2k19 Edition (PP July19)

Drapes | The Loft – Herring Bone Drapes Yellow

Plant | Roiro – Saten Schefflera Pot

Pose | Manifeste – Model_939

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