Hidden Gems and Other Things in My Inventory

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Last week I was looking for a hat to wear with another outfit and got so disgusted with my hat folder that I decided to organize it right then and there.  It’s amazing what you accumulate over the years and I have enough hats to wear until the day Second Life no longer exists, and then some.  While some hats, unfortunately, made it to the trash bin, there were others like this gem from LaGyo that I don’t think will ever go out of style even if it’s not sold any longer.  Maybe Gyorgyna Larnia will bring it out of retirement!?!

I love having so many eyebrow options now for the Genus head and I’m always so blown-away at the artistry of those who create them. Lately, there are two creators who specifically stand out and one of them is Amuse.Bouche. As soon as I saw the eyebrows on Flickr…

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Keep rollin’

Alright, partner, keep on rollin’, baby, you know what time it is
(Ladies and gentlemen!)
(Throw your hands up)
(Throw your, your hands up)
(Throw your, throw, throw your)
(Throw your, your, your hands, your, your hands up)
(Throw your hands up)
Chocolate Starfish, wanna keep on rollin’, baby!
(Your hands up)
(Throw, your hands up)
(Throw your hands up)
(Throw your hands up)

Keep rollin

Have fun shopping!



That’s What Friends Are For

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This post is dedicated to all of the friends I have made in SL who continue to impact not just my SL, but also my RL.

Find the full story and credits that go with this image at Blended Beauty.

Make sure to check out Joanee’s post at her blog, Mayflower, or on Flickr.

You can find my version on my Flickr feed.