Another amazing creative way to get free quality stuff is by learning to be a blogger. :DD

What a blogger does:

First of all have a good looking avatar.

Explore or ask in groups for cool places where you can pose and blog the items you got from creators.

Learn about taking good pictures in sl. So many tutorials to read about it.

Even if you do not have people to follow your work , make a free page somewhere so you can show your work.

If you are new, many creators will like to support you and give you their work.

If they ask you to pay for the clothes you will blog do not do it especial if you work for free.  That’s my opinion.

If they want you to help them promote their work by putting the pictures, you take to as many facebook- flickr –other sl groups you have the ok to post, the least they can do is give you the items FREE.

If you become very good and you can find creators to pay you to blog for them do it!

Bloggings is for those that love to wear things and take good picture of them wearing them! It should be fun time but the creator that gives you free their hard work will expect you to do good pictures and promote them.

The pictures you will take they need to show the item you are blogging for not show you or your face.

If you want to leave from a creator be polite and tell them, do not take their work and leave just like that its so rude. So many say they are bloggers ask for many clothes take them and leave without blogging them. That is stealing you know, it is. You stole someone’s hard work.

How to say hello I am a blogger I want to find creators to work with? Go to the forum of sl to the topic about it and say it. Go to groups at facebook that you see creators post their work and say it. Make a nice poster about it and post it to as many groups as you can. Go to shops and send them a notecard with your page so they can see some of your work, if you are new get pictures of your clothes as an example. Many creators post posters in those groups asking for bloggers.

Before you say ok to a creator, make sure you know what they want you to do and you are ok with it.

That’s it for this post hahaahahahah I try to make them short but useful.

Polls how important they are not only to the creator but also to you as a shopper.

I see in many facebook groups people complain that their needs are not been listen from creators.

Alternatively, how can they see something they want to buy to be made?

However, when creators do polls and ask your help to help them understand your needs better you do not help.

Why? Why so many people all they want is to complain and only complain? Act too.

So many complain about things a shop has when they come in and they find it annoying but they never ever do the poll that the creator ask so he or she can see what change to make in their shops.

I have ask so many times  my group members to see pictures on future clothes and tell me what they like so I can upload and make then and what they hate and from 5000 members only 4 did it.

I ask them to tell me what they will like to see out there that is missing……. Or what is annoying or missing from my shop so their time can be more fun…..

Do not ask only for free gifts, help too.

Don’t you like to have a voice and say what things you like or hate?

For example at my small easy anonymous poll I ask things that will help me to improve how I run my shop so I can have less annoying things to people who pop up 😀

I have 31 people that have taken those 2–3 minutes to do it.

Speak up by doing those polls.

Not all polls are boring, long, that takes a lot of your time, and even if it takes 5 minutes if you want to change things go do them.

Now lets talk about one of the most important tool sl gives you so you can speak up to creators about their work.

When you buy something from marketplace, you can leave a review about it so others will know what to expect.  This can be use correct or as a hate unfair way. Its very important for all of us to learn how to use it and to use it.

Do not use it only to say the bad things its not fair, use it when you like or when what you pay for was as it say it must be.

This tool is so:

1). if something is missing and you wrote to the creator by a notecard and an im and you never got help after 1-2 weeks to go and write what the problem is and that you never got help.

2). If you buy something and it is as it say it must be go and tell a thank you, we need that so we can keep working with a smile in our face. It helps us know if people like our work. We spend all our sl time working.

3). When you need to write a bad review because you never got the help and the item is broken, write exactly what the problem is.

What this tool is not for:

1). Write a bad review before you try to speak to the creator. Yes, I know sometimes only when you leave a bad review the creator will reply back to you I have done it but change it when I got the help I needed.  Always write first a notecard and an im and let a few days or a week to pass before you write the bad review. Not all creators come online every day some come at weekend only or their pc can be broken so give sometime.

2). No matter how mad you are, do not be rude or write hate things but write exactly what the problem is. How can a hate rude words can help others to know what is wrong with this item? It only say a lot on what kind of person you are.

3). Write a hate review because you hate the creator or you sale the same item and you want to make them look bad so people can buy from you.

Hugs to all of you until my next topic :DD