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Last week I was searching for something on YouTube and, as what usually happens, something other than what I searching for popped up. The video dealt with Second Life so, of course, I was intrigued and pressed play. The video was about this girl, Lavender Storydel, who trolls people in Second Life (and now Sansar). While I certainly don’t condone trolling in SL, or any social network platform, I found the videos to be entertaining, humorous and also enlightening – and the reasons why are below.

As I watched the first few videos of Lavender trolling people, I was annoyed but the more I watched the more I found some of the predicaments she found herself in, humorous. You can even hear her laughing at some of the things she says to people and their replies. The more videos I watched, one thing became perfectly clear and that was how…

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Choose your ride

Catch a ride
At the opportunity zoo
Right on time
You came stumbling through
It’s a fight
No one can win it for you
In the final days, if you change your ways
Always stop, look up and remember
Choose your own adventure
Choose your own adventure

Choose your ride IG.jpg

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North Mountain

Into the mountain
Into the sea
Into the graveyard
Into the leaves

We don’t need our bodies
We don’t need our minds
We don’t need discoveries
Just leave them in the mines

When we wake up to see
That we’re lost souls in need
And we’re hollering defeat

North Mountain IG.jpg

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Old dog – new tricks – you know the drill

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I’m learning a new viewer again.  I’ve used 2 of them already including the official viewer and then Firestorm.  I decided to try to learn Black Dragon, only for photography, and it takes some getting used to because there’s a whole lot of choices to make when taking your photo.

So many choices, in fact, that when I snapped 2 of these pics for this blog post using Black Dragon, I hadn’t even realized that my resolution was on a low setting.  So those 2 pics are a little fuzzy this time around but that’s how one learns by making mucho mistakes.  Firestorm was no picnic when I started using that viewer either. This old dog is up for the challenge. Girl power and all that jazz.

(The next pic was taken using Firestorm so while it’s better resolution, the brightness and background is different.)

D E T A I…

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Fabulous and Fun Hair !

Tannenbaum Event is happening now ! I popped over amd grabbed this awesome hair from ADONESS called Rock Bottom Hair. It comes with HUDS to coloe/tint and one for these amazing festive sparkles. 7 color packs available. Something tells me this will be my fav holiday hair ! The sparkles are removable so that will make this a fun style year round ! This event ends on 12/20/19.


Adoness : Alternative Hair & Fashion Sold by: Cruella Pennell




Hotel Room

Your ship rolls in, I’m here waiting
I don’t know why, I’m paralysed
Oh, what I’d do to be with you
Oh, what I’d give

To hear you say that “I love you”
But say it the way I do
There’s nowhere to run tonight
It’s just you and I in this hotel room
And say that “I miss you”
But say it the way I do
There’s nowhere to hide tonight
My eyes can’t lie, the way I feel for you
Just give me a moment, it’s all I ask of you
While I’m dying in this hotel room

Hotel room IG

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Finally Home

Home, finally home
Sometimes it’s hard to be a rolling stone
But wherever I may roll, I always seem to find my way back home

Endless nights, that emptiness lasted forever
When all I wanted was all of us to be together

Home, finally home
Sometimes it’s hard to stop a rolling stone
But wherever it may roll, it always seems to find its way back home
It always seems to find its way back home
I always seem to find my way back home

wild afternoon IG

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