Monday Morning Shopping

I was browsing blogs over coffee this morning and saw the new release from Truth, loved it went and bought it ! It’s actually been awhile since I’ve shopped at Truth for a couple reasons but the one that comes to mind is after years of being a customer they went to a VIP membership of 350L. Could I have paid it? Yes. BUT I’ve paid to be members on a lot of sims/SL businesses that ….. close. I’m not mad, life happens, I just decline to pay those VIP fees anymore. Truth is a great creator and I love the styles but it just fell off my radar. So while I was there I saw some Gachas and dropped 50L in and got this really awesome hair that I’m wearing now and if you’re new to SL or as shopping on a budget there were 2 free wigs on the table to the right. Worth the trip over and the new release is fabulous as well !

GOS had a really great boot out for 50L Friday that I grabbed. My oh so cute dress is from !Rebel Hope. Jewelry is from LaGyo and Real Evil Industries.


Monday Rush

Have you heard the news today?
I’m leaving town, I’m cashing out
This town’s too small for me to stay
The time is now, I’m heading out

My darling baby, this is a warning
Said that I’m leaving on Monday morning
You’ll get no answer, no use in calling
Because I’m leaving on Monday morning


Hello lovelies!

New eBento round opens today and i was eager to show you all the newness you can get!

I prepared a lil outfit, hope you like it!

Have fun shopping!