North Mountain

Into the mountain
Into the sea
Into the graveyard
Into the leaves

We don’t need our bodies
We don’t need our minds
We don’t need discoveries
Just leave them in the mines

When we wake up to see
That we’re lost souls in need
And we’re hollering defeat

North Mountain IG.jpg

Have fun shopping!


Old dog – new tricks – you know the drill

Linda Reddevil's Blog

I’m learning a new viewer again.  I’ve used 2 of them already including the official viewer and then Firestorm.  I decided to try to learn Black Dragon, only for photography, and it takes some getting used to because there’s a whole lot of choices to make when taking your photo.

So many choices, in fact, that when I snapped 2 of these pics for this blog post using Black Dragon, I hadn’t even realized that my resolution was on a low setting.  So those 2 pics are a little fuzzy this time around but that’s how one learns by making mucho mistakes.  Firestorm was no picnic when I started using that viewer either. This old dog is up for the challenge. Girl power and all that jazz.

(The next pic was taken using Firestorm so while it’s better resolution, the brightness and background is different.)

D E T A I…

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