The Artful Troll

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Last week I was searching for something on YouTube and, as what usually happens, something other than what I searching for popped up. The video dealt with Second Life so, of course, I was intrigued and pressed play. The video was about this girl, Lavender Storydel, who trolls people in Second Life (and now Sansar). While I certainly don’t condone trolling in SL, or any social network platform, I found the videos to be entertaining, humorous and also enlightening – and the reasons why are below.

As I watched the first few videos of Lavender trolling people, I was annoyed but the more I watched the more I found some of the predicaments she found herself in, humorous. You can even hear her laughing at some of the things she says to people and their replies. The more videos I watched, one thing became perfectly clear and that was how…

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