Sometimes it’s Good to be a PackRat

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I wouldn’t exactly say I’m late to the BOM party but this past week I decided to commit to it and I hunkered down and did just that.  The main reason I waited is because my main skin creator hadn’t released the body skin in BOM.  I think this is what throws me off, though.  Years ago when we wore “skins” it would cover us all over from head-to-toe.  Now there is a separate tattoo for the head and yet another skin for the body and you have to wear one before the other or the neck won’t match.  That is the downside to all things BOM that I can see.  I have lots more positives.

What a joy it is to be able to wear eye shadows and blush again! I can wear my old freckles again too. Being a redhead, I have a vast collection of freckles that…

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