Is It Winter If There Is No Snow?

Linda Reddevil's Blog

Here in Central New York we’ve had an incredibly warm winter so far.  Two days ago the temperature was 50 degrees!  That’s just not normal for the beginning of January and while I’m really not a fan of the winter season in general, it needs to get colder and a little snowier so that we can appreciate the Spring so much more!  In the meantime, I’m keeping busy sifting through my inventory for some older items that I can integrate with my new finds and wear as BOM.  I’m having such fun with it.

For instance the stockings I’m wearing in the pic are from my all time favorite stocking store No. 9 Nylons. Being able to wear my old hosiery and socks is just plain exciting. I’m glad I never trashed them!  At the same time, some things can’t compare to the detail in the newer items such as…

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