Treat Your Heart Like A Turnstile And Only Open It To Those With A Valid Ticket

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I recently received an invite to blog for an event in SL and I just want to say that it’s small things like that, that makes blogging worthwhile (thank you Tinker H). The Anthem Event is an excellent monthly event with quality items and participating designers.  Today’s blog features some items from the Anthem venue but I want to clarify that I had already purchased the items on my own before being offered the invite to blog.  That just goes to show how well I like the venue and I hope you do too if you haven’t visited before now. You can find a link below.

D E T A I L S:
(NO) Quilted Bustier – Tee & Bra
**UTOPIA@Design** – “MOLLY” @Uber
*COCO*_OversizedBikerJacket @Uber
Frayed – Dallas Pants @Anthem
LaGyo_Pretty in Punk – Nose Ring
MINIMAL – Birthday Glasses
Moon. Hair…

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