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Today’s post has a few “firsts” in it. This is my first post as an official Anthem Event blogger! There’s so many great items at the Anthem event so be sure to take time out and visit.

The next “first” is alme. nails for Legacy. Actually, this set of nails isn’t the exactly the first set for Legacy but creator ChloeElectra just recently started creating for Legacy and I wanted to be sure to give her a mention. One important feature that makes alme. nails stand out is the fact that you can choose the length you’d like to wear. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always want to be walking around with daggers for fingernails so the shorter length is sufficient.

My final “first” comes with a short story. I was viewing some pics on Flickr of Lode headpieces (for my next post) and came across one…

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