The Duchess & Duke of Devonshire

The Creative Concepts of Second Life

The Duchess & Duke of DevonshireFor Fantasy Faire Belle Epoque decided to visit the past when things were much simpler but also very complicated. The dress may have changed over the years but one thing that never changes is the capacity of the human race to make the simplest situation into being more complicated than it has to be.

The first week of Fantasy Faire came and went by so quickly! I hope everyone had a chance to check out some of the performances, classes, dj sets, or one of the other 500 things that go on during the faire. I keep saying it’s unlike any other event in SL. Would I lie to you? Nope, never!

We are in the final week so make sure you stop by and support a cause that is important to so many people around the world. 

Thank you for supporting Fantasy Faire and Relay for Life! ♥


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