“It was hers… her Kitsune… her magic. The magic of all the Kumaris past, present and future which gave her the power to invoke all sorts of mystical creatures, to serve and protect her.”


No to Violence

To commemorate the upcoming important Speak Your Silence SL Event to Benefit RAINN, please join Morgan Whitfield and Celine Calle of Belacce and take a stance on stopping sexual violence.
Go here and grab your FREE “#No Violence” Tattoo and take a picture. (REZZ Package on ground to obtain the tattoo) BOM Mesh Heads only for right now.
Post your portrait wearing your “#NO VIOLENCE” tattoo on our official Flickr Page:
Also post your portrait on Facebook and Morgan Whitfield-Firehawk
Your picture will be posted at the Speak Your Silence SL Event to Benefit RAINN opening May 15, 2020.