Jangka at We <3 Role Play

The Creative Concepts of Second Life


Being a long time Second Life Resident has allowed me to watch the progression of quite a few designers, one of those designers is Jangka. I can remember seeing them at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival way back in 2016. Since then they have continued to create some of Second Life’s must have outfits imo and their designs just get better and better.

Recently they opened blogger apps and because they’ve become one of my favorite designers I thought I would take a chance and apply, but I figured they would be swamped with applications and I had no chance. To my surprise they selected me to blog for them! I read the notecard five times in disbelief but there it was in black and white. I’m so excited to work with them and to show you all their amazing designs.

Today’s outfit is Huntress and can be found at We…

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