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The Hunter

The Creative Concepts of Second Life

The Hunter

We ❤ Role opened a few days ago and as always it’s another fabulous round with so much epic goodness. I can’t love this event enough and it is one of the few that never disappoints.

One of my favorites from this round is from Jangka! I think each release just gets better and better! When I put on the new Hawkeyes Outfit I thought it would make a great pirate outfit but I’ve done a few different pirate looks so I wanted to do something different. Next time I logged in I thought it would be perfect for a Musketeer but I couldn’t find a good Cavalier hat. I went all over SL and the marketplace but I failed at finding one so I messaged one of my fellow shopaholics and he mentioned checking out Raven Bell. (Thank you R.C!) They had a hat that was created for a…

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