Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.

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For months now, I’ve been using Black Dragon to take my pics for my blog.  While I’m definitely no expert, I was able to take decent shots in BD calling on my knowledge of previously taking pics in Firestorm and watching numerous YouTube videos regarding Black Dragon.  Firestorm recently updated their viewer to include EEP so I thought I’d try using it for the pics for this blog post and I’m not at all unhappy with the outcome.

There are still some really great features in Black Dragon, such as the built-in poser and versatile camera controls, and I wish Firestorm would implement them into their viewer but this new EEP version is a start in the right direction. I’m still confused about some of the setting for EEP but I’ll get there and watching instruction videos helps me. Boston Blaisdale has quite a few exceptionally well-made instructional videos for…

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