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Hey Lovelies,

I might have hinted at it but… I took on ONE new sponsor. An event nontheless. WHAT? …. I know… It´s a new event called Ritual and it´s gonna be witchy, dark, mystical  – perfect for me. Jonian joined in as  a designer – meet PENTA!

Can you see the energy of nature I channeled around me? How I aim to throw it at the future for protection and blessing? May we all thrive under it.

Penta protecting Ritual_001


Penta comes with a unique lacing and with a reduced Pride pack cos you know how much the LGBTIQA+ community means to us and we have several gay, nonbinary, genderqueer, trans, pan, asexual and poly folx in our RL and SL family. The wildest mixes of “labels” among them, too. GOSH they´re a colourful bunch and we love them. That´s why Jonian makes sure EVERY STERNBERG Release is UNISEX! YES. EVERY…

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Eloen´s Other World


AF Monogram Luggage Bag
NOMAD // Fringe Chandelier // White
Granola. Kia Champagne Dispenser. Gold. ❤
Granola. Kia Champagne Glass V1. Gold. ❤
SIIX Rasberry Champagne
Atelier Burgundy . Morris Rugs . Tree ❤
Pitaya– Fringed Pouf WHITE ❤
Pitaya – Fringed Armchair GREY ❤
Pitaya– Fringed Stool BLUE ❤
Pitaya – French Vintage – Flower Vase Blue @ Fameshed
Pitaya– French Vintage – Flower Vase White @ Fameshed
Pitaya– French Vintage – Antique Mirror @ Fameshed
Pitaya– French Vintage – Sink Wood&Gold @ Fameshed
Pitaya– French Vintage – Basket w towels @ Fameshed
Pitaya– French Vintage – Towels @ Fameshed
ChiMia:: Flea Market Rugs ❤
ChiMia:: Watersprout Split Frames ❤
Dreamland Designs Kirkland Oval Antique Mirror ❤
Dreamland Designs  Kirkland Antique Console Set ❤
Apple Fall: Portobello Corner Store

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