Some homes just make me feel warm and fuzzy inside the minute I enter them. The Scarlet Creative Pizzo is one of those homes. Architecturally, it is wonderful. The windows are distinct in shape with shutters that open and close on touch. The loft bedroom has just enough space to make it cozy. The tile floors are unique to Scarlet Creative! 360 views of the water makes this a spectacular bargain for 75L. Yes that’s right, only 75L. BUT hurry, it’s been out for two weeks now and I’m not sure when the sale will end. There is a furniture pack for only 199L that fits this home perfectly including a kitchen, sofa, beds, rugs, wardrobes, and plants. The steeple top and brick façade makes me smile every time. Surrounded by waters edge on the click top with sturdy pine trees all around this lovely home is my newest favorite! Until the next Scarlet Creative release…

Scarlet Creative Pizzo Carriage House Saturday Sale
Scarlet Creative Barcelona Patio Chair – White
{anc} rattan egg chair 8Li (gray)
{anc} balloon chair {yellow} 18Li
Fundati .-. Pine Tree large 2
8f8 – just add water – Pines

Skye Rock & Wave ~ Reef Rocks 2
:Fanatik Architecture: BEACH ROCKS Cliff 1A
:Fanatik Architecture: BEACH ROCKS Barrier Linear

Windlight – Firestorm [TOR] SCIFI – Whirld spinnin

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