… autumn sun …

.:Vegas:.  Tattoo Dark Elevation

#Besom~Payson/ Dakota Set *All Tones*
#BESOM HAIR~ Dakota *Size 1*

::C'est la vie !:: Demi Bag @ SCHOOLDAY
::C'est la vie !:: Demi Bag

FashionNatic - Emani Set - Fatpack All - Megapack
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Emani Female Overall Fatpack
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Left - Emani Heels Fatpack
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Right - Emani Heels Fatpack

KUNGLERS - Odette earrings and ring@ACCESS
KUNGLERS - Odette L earring
KUNGLERS - Odette R earring
KUNGLERS - Odette ring L Maitreya
KUNGLERS - Odette ring R Maitreya

MVT - Fancy tote - Caramel

[Cinnamon Cocaine] Hard Cider - Holdable + Animated (add/touch)
[Cinnamon Cocaine] Mango Hard Cider - Capped - L (add)

[Rezz Room] French Bulldog Animesh (Companion) v1.0.0

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