Virtual Trends: Neverland

Whenever I was frightened or ever felt alone
I turned to the night sky at a star I call my own
Somewhere I could run to, just across the Milky Way
If you like, I could take you
It’s just a lightyear and a day

We can sail away tonight on a sea of pure moonlight
We can navigate the stars to bring us back home
In a place so far away
We’ll be young, that’s how we’ll stay
Every wish is our command
When we find ourselves in Never, Neverland

Through all my make believe, there’s some reality
In your reflection there’s much more than you see, yeah!
All that you hope for, you hope for today
It’s the love someone gives you in an unconditional way
~ Neverland by Zendaya

♥ Click Image for Credits ♥

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