… magical land …

Where our journey begins - Winter of 21 is a magical place. Snow falls ever so graceful over the whole sim that is beautifully decorated in white. Each corner offers a photo opportunity, and I can hardly resist coming back day after day for my blog. I must remember to donate, the hard work here is obvious and totally open to all. I hope you get a chance to walk the paths, ride the tram and experience Winter of 21. 

The following items are all from Tannenbaum except for the necklace and hair(see details below)

WarPaint* Charmed palette Tannenbaum
WarPaint* Charmed inner corner [LeL EvoX] - aqua
WarPaint* Charmed wing [LeL EvoX] - silver

[Heaux] Natalie - FATPACK  *Bold Beauty Tone Tannenbaum Event
[Heaux] Natalie - Dark Brows - Shell
[Heaux] Natalie - Lelutka Ceylon x REBORN
[Heaux] Natalie Brow Shaper
[Bold & Beauty x Heaux] Ears - Shell
Egozy.Body Appliers BOM (Maitreya) V5 1.0 Milk Bom

:ANDORE: - :ear-acc: - Elfy [FEMALE] Tannenbaum Event
:ANDORE: - :ear-acc: - [L] - Elfy f [LeL Evo X - Human]

Oddysee - Sweet dress & sleeves Tannenbaum Event
Oddysee - Sweet dress [maitreya]
Oddysee - Sweet sleeves [maitreya]

Psycho Pills - Sweet Gloves // FATPACK Tannenbaum
Psycho Pills - Sweet Gloves // Maitreya

The Annex - Glenys Crown Tannenbaum
The Annex - Glenys Crown

[Fetch] Morty the Gnome Tannenbaum Event
[Fetch] Morty the Gnome - Double Hold

AG. Frost Eyes Pack Tannenbaum Event
AG. Frost Eyes - BoM - 06 - A
Mesh Eye (L)
Mesh Eye (R)

Foxy - Ellie Hair (Natural Ombre)
Foxy - Ellie. (M)

KUNGLERS - Aloy necklace  TRES CHIC
KUNGLERS - Aloy necklace