… fell out of the sleigh?…

7 Deadly s[K]ins - DALLAS skin+shape
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins CARAMEL
[7DS] - ELF EAR EVO  tattoo caramel
[7DS] - BODY 2020 DALLAS  bom skin CARAMEL
7 Deadly s[K]ins - DALLAS eyebrows [ LEL.EVOx ]

(*<*) 1313 Elfin' Hot - Mega Fatpack (maitreya) Tannenbaum Event
(*<*) 1313 Elfin' Hot Dress - Maitreya
(*<*) 1313 Elfin' Hot Jinglies - Maitreya
(*<*) 1313 Elfin' Hot Slides - Maitreya
(*<*) 1313 Elfin' Hot Warmers - Maitreya
(*<*) 1313 Elfin' Hot Panties - ALL

*>Kiu<* - Christmas Bear Plushie_FatPack Tannenbaum Event
*>Kiu<* - Christmas Bear Plushie (Holding V.1)_Brown

-Sorumin- Christmas Bear HAT -FATPACK-Tannenbaum EVent
-Sorumin- Christmas Bear HAT -FATPACK-

.muffin. Naughty-or-Nice Mugs Tannenbaum Event
.muffin. Naughty-or-Nice Mugs (Team Nice)

Insomnia Angel . Nuage knit mitten [FAT] @Tannenbaum
Insomnia Angel . Nuage knit mitten

AG. Frost Eyes Pack Tannenbaum Event
AG. Frost Eyes - BoM - 06 - A
Mesh Eye (L)
Mesh Eye (R)

DRD - Oh Holy Shit Night - Frozen Santa

… Tender …

-[ vagrant ]- Sophia Tender Edition - Bloggers @Saturday Sale
-[ vagrant ]- Sophia Shorts - Maitreya - Tender Edition
-[ vagrant ]- Sophia Top - Maitreya - Tender Edition

:: DeepStatic :: Stella Glasses@ UBER
:: DS :: Stella Glasses

KUNGLERS - Sylvie ring - COSMOPOLITAN 10.18.21
KUNGLERS - Sylvie ring - Maitreya

Le Forme Bento Nails M3 Basic French (Wear me) BOX
Le Forme Bento Nails M03 Basic French Maitreya

[DDL] Lust (Black) (Rez/Wear to unpack)50%off Sale
[DDL] Lust (Black) (v.1) (Hold)

[DDL] Please (Black) boots 50% Off Sale
[DDL] Please (Black) (Maitreya)

[monso] Belinda Hair /Brown & Blonde
[monso] Belinda Hair (s/ plus)
[monso] Belinda Hairband / Black

[Rezz Room] Box Poodle Toy Adult Animesh @ equal10
[Rezz Room] Poodle Toy Adult Animesh (Companion) v2.0.0

7 Deadly s[K]ins - GIGJA skin+shape+brow @ ShinyShabby
7 Deadly s[K]ins - GIGJA shape [EVO x Avalon] DEF
[7DS] - BODY 2020 GIGJA  bom skin CARAMEL
7 Deadly s[K]ins - GIGJA eyebrows [ LEL.EVOx ]
[7DS] - ELF EAR EVO  tattoo FRECKLED caramel
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins CARAMEL

… false sense of security …

Where our Journey Begins - Winter of 21

WarPaint* Charmed palette  Tannenbaum Event
WarPaint* Charmed inner corner [LeL EvoX] - lemon
WarPaint* Charmed wing [LeL EvoX] - gold

[Heaux] Halle - FATPACK  *Bold Beauty Tone Tannenbaum Event
[Heaux] Halle - Dark Brows - Shell
[Bold & Beauty x Heaux] Ears - Shell
[Heaux] Halle Brow Shaper
[Heaux] Halle - Lelutka HALLE x REBORN

*>Kiu<* - Christmas Bear Plushie (Right Holding V.2)_Light Brow Tannenbaum

- space cadet - Holiday Keychains (wear me)Tannenbaum
- sc - Holiday Keychain - Tree v2 L

alme. Mesh Nails - Winter Stars Collection Maitreya Tannenbaum
alme. Mesh Ballerina Nails - Maitreya [Wear me!]

BETRAYAL. Dess 2Way Puffer Tannenbaum
BETRAYAL. Dess 2Way Jacket ORANGE [Maitreya]
BETRAYAL. Dess 2Way Sleeves ORANGE [Maitreya]

BETRAYAL. Dess Goggles PACK Tannenbaum
BETRAYAL. Dess Goggles ORANGE [Resize]

BETRAYAL. Dess Leggings FATPACK Tannenbaum
BETRAYAL. Dess Leggings HP [Maitreya]

BETRAYAL. Dess Shirt FATPACK Tannenbaum
BETRAYAL. Dess Shirt HERON B [Maitreya]

Magika - Shine (Smaller)

AG. Frost Eyes Pack Tannenbaum Event
AG. Frost Eyes - BoM - 06 - A
Mesh Eye (L)
Mesh Eye (R)