… false sense of security …

Where our Journey Begins - Winter of 21

WarPaint* Charmed palette  Tannenbaum Event
WarPaint* Charmed inner corner [LeL EvoX] - lemon
WarPaint* Charmed wing [LeL EvoX] - gold

[Heaux] Halle - FATPACK  *Bold Beauty Tone Tannenbaum Event
[Heaux] Halle - Dark Brows - Shell
[Bold & Beauty x Heaux] Ears - Shell
[Heaux] Halle Brow Shaper
[Heaux] Halle - Lelutka HALLE x REBORN

*>Kiu<* - Christmas Bear Plushie (Right Holding V.2)_Light Brow Tannenbaum

- space cadet - Holiday Keychains (wear me)Tannenbaum
- sc - Holiday Keychain - Tree v2 L

alme. Mesh Nails - Winter Stars Collection Maitreya Tannenbaum
alme. Mesh Ballerina Nails - Maitreya [Wear me!]

BETRAYAL. Dess 2Way Puffer Tannenbaum
BETRAYAL. Dess 2Way Jacket ORANGE [Maitreya]
BETRAYAL. Dess 2Way Sleeves ORANGE [Maitreya]

BETRAYAL. Dess Goggles PACK Tannenbaum
BETRAYAL. Dess Goggles ORANGE [Resize]

BETRAYAL. Dess Leggings FATPACK Tannenbaum
BETRAYAL. Dess Leggings HP [Maitreya]

BETRAYAL. Dess Shirt FATPACK Tannenbaum
BETRAYAL. Dess Shirt HERON B [Maitreya]

Magika - Shine (Smaller)

AG. Frost Eyes Pack Tannenbaum Event
AG. Frost Eyes - BoM - 06 - A
Mesh Eye (L)
Mesh Eye (R)

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