… Tannebaum 2021 …

New Build by L2 Studio - Converted Old Schoolhouse. Brand new build by Lindini is wonderfully textured and roomy! So many windows to let the sunlite in.  You can go to the sim and find this fabulous new home all decorated for the season. The sim is open to the public everyday of the year.

Items from Tannenbaum Event

BALACLAVA!! Holiday Advent Decor
BALACLAVA!! Holiday Advent Decor [Wall] Click on the house shaped outer parts to play 20sec-long original tune.  *Load - Load setting notecard  **Recipients - Set who are able to receive gifts (group, everyone, listed avatars) **Gift Drawers - Full-open or Calendar (gifts will be revealed daily) * Load menu will be appeared if you have the setting notecard in the contents ** Recipients/Gift Drawers menu will be appeared after Load.

andika[For Santa]Dispenser Set 
andika[For Santa]cookies-Red/Dispenser
andika [For Santa]for Reindeer
andika[For Santa]cookies-White/Dispenser
andika[For Santa]Milk Bottle
andika[For Santa]Small Ornaments

MOVEMENT- Christmas stocking mood FATPACK
MVT - Christmas stocking mood - Red -  Pet treats
MVT - Christmas stocking mood - Red - Some money
MVT - Christmas stocking mood - Red - New Phone
MVT - Christmas stocking mood - Red - New Car
MVT - Christmas stocking mood - Red - Make Up
comes in Red-Pink and Blue

KraftWork Nutcracker Christmas Countdown 
KraftWork Nutcracker Christmas Countdown . Gold
and traditional colors. The Nutcracker will start counting down days to Christmas starting 60 days prior to December 25th, on any year. The countdown on your Nutcracker is set to UTC (Coordinate Universal Time) and will use that to change the date so you may either experience an advanced date or a small delay depending on the location you are.

DISORDERLY. / Overflowing Xmas  / 
DISORDERLY. / Overflowing Xmas  / Fancy Bow / Red
DISORDERLY. / Overflowing Xmas  / Plain Bow / Blue
DISORDERLY. / Overflowing Xmas  / Plain Bow / Multi
DISORDERLY. / Overflowing Xmas  / Plain Bow / Red

SAYO - Yule Wreaths - All Colors
SAYO - Yule Wreath - Traditional

Other items in Personal Collection

HPMD* Shrub03 - fatpack
(lowLOD)HPMD* Shrub03 - d

Nutmeg. Wooden Bridge Access Event
Nutmeg. Wooden Bridge / V1 (Animated)

KAZZA - ApConceptCouch2places - CM
KAZZA - ApConceptCouch2places - adult rezz