A Ɓєαυтιƒυℓ gαя∂єη ιѕ α ωσяк σƒ нєαят.. ♥

A Ɓєαυтιƒυℓ gαя∂єη ιѕ α ωσяк σƒ нєαят.. ♥
Uη нєямσѕσ נαя∂ίη єѕ υηα σвяα ∂є cσяαzσ́η.. ♥
ღღ ℬ𝓁𝑜𝑔 : https://fashionflairstyle.blogspot.com/2022/05/a-g.html
ღღ ℱ𝓁𝒾𝒸𝓀𝓇 : https://www.flickr.com/photos/karlariveraspot/52110517774

I am not a plastic cup

I am not a plastic cup
When I wonder around in SL I always take a drive by Everest Land holdings. These sims are beautifully decorated. I love being there. If I didn't need huge amount of prims to blog Household and Decor Items I would definitely move to this wonderful community. Always quiet and serene. The sim surround lags me out a bit, but that's just me. I need to upgrade my pc. Its been a few years since my last swap of hardware. You'll find decorated and empty parcels available. If your a skybox person, those too. Full owner right at a fair price. 
If you would like to see for yourself you can go here
 Until next time..

[ONYX] Betty Tattoo[Gift]
[ONYX] Betty Tattoo - Fresh
[ONYX] Betty Tattoo - xoxo

[Onyx] Zodiac Head Tattoo***new***
[Onyx] Zodiac Head Tattoo-Taurus(Fresh)

7 Deadly s[K]ins - MIRAGE shape+skins
[7DS] - ELF EAR EVO  tattoo caramel
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins CARAMEL
[7DS] - BODY 2020 MIRAGE bom skin CARAMEL
7 Deadly s[K]ins - MIRAGE eyebrows [ LEL.EVOx ]

-[ vagrant ]- Sheryl Set @ Kustom9
-[ vagrant ]- Sheryl Pants - Maitreya - Fatpack
-[ vagrant ]- Sheryl Top - Maitreya - Fatpack

:: DeepStatic :: Naomi Glasses@ Cosmopolitan until 6.11.22
:: DS :: Naomi Glasses

KUNGLERS - Diandra set @ Cosmopolitan Event
KUNGLERS - Diandra earrings
KUNGLERS - Diandra necklace

MOVEMENT- Wellnes day - FATPACK @ Farmers Market
MVT - Orange detox Juice POSE 1

Rosary. Saint . HUD (wear to unpack)
Rosary. Base Nails . Coffin L/R/K/M
Rosary. Base Nails . Coffin Lara

TRUTH Trinket - Essential [FLF]
TRUTH / Trinket FLF / Bangs NEW Click to Resize
TRUTH / Trinket FLF / Size 1

[DDL] Fearless HWSE (Brown) (Boxed)
[DDL] Fearless HWSE (Brown) (Shoulder L) Touch for POSE/RESIZE

… keep me in your heart …

... keep me in your heart ...
[Onyx] Arabic Quotes Tattoo
[Onyx] Arabic Quotes - your heart

[Onyx] Rania shape For LeLUTKA Kaya Head 3.1
[Onyx] Rania shape For LeLUTKA kaya -Freya

7 Deadly s[K]ins - DESILLUSION skins
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins CARAMEL
7 Deadly s[K]ins - DESILLUSION eyebrows [ LEL.EVOx ]

.:[PUMEC] / Mesh Ears\   -  Gop - Stop
.:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\ L+R - Gop-Stop

LeLUTKA Kaya Head 3.1 Christmas GG 2021
/ HEAD / lel EvoX KAYA 3.1

:: DeepStatic :: Delaney Glasses @ Cosmopolitan
:: DS :: Delaney Glasses

FashionNatic - Melissa Set - Megapack @ Cosmopolitan
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Left - Melissa Platforms
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Melissa Shorts Fatpack Jeans - Denim
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Melissa Top Fatpack Colors
FashionNatic - MAITREYA - Right - Melissa Platforms

Foxy - Coi Hair (Natural Ombre)
Foxy - Coi. (XS/Lelutka)

KUNGLERS - Sigel rings
KUNGLERS - Sigel rings - Maitreya

MVT - Folded wallet - Waist - Brown print


[Dope+Mercy]Smoke Ring-Cigarette_Gold (ADD)
[Dope+Mercy]Cigarette in Mouth

… sea salt air …

... sea salt air ...
Released for the Saturday Sale Scarlet Creative - Anya II
A complete rebuild of Anya into a complete new version and floor plan.
2046 plot + 28 x 26 M 177 LI Mod and Copy
Upstairs has 4 rooms 🙂 Note as this is a complete new build, and have included, just during the sale, the original Anya build too.
New Features included:
1. Use of gorgeous blue tile at door front
2. new darker doors with brass doorknobs
3. new wood floors 
4. dark stair rails 
5. just enough brick to accent living space
6. new blue brick floor in main entrance
7. lovely new blue tile roofing

How do I know? you get both in the box for 75L! This! ladies and gentlemen is a true sale! Out until Sunday so hurry!

any questions about other items in the photo I'd be happy to share. Just message me either in flicker or in-world  

… wellness day …

... wellness day ...
7 Deadly s[K]ins - TABEA 
7 Deadly s[K]ins - TABEA eyebrows [ LEL.EVOx ]
[7DS] - BODY 2020 TABEA bom skin CARAMEL
[7DS] - ELF EAR EVO  tattoo FRECKLED caramel
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins CARAMEL

-[ vagrant ]- Sheryl Set @ Kustom9
-[ vagrant ]- Sheryl Pants - Maitreya - Fatpack
-[ vagrant ]- Sheryl Top - Maitreya - Fatpack

KUNGLERS - Sigel rings @Cosmopolitan May 15th
KUNGLERS - Sigel rings L - Maitreya

MOVEMENT- Wellnes day - FATPACK @ Farmers Market
MVT - Grocery paper bag
MVT - Natural tote POSE 2 (With cup)
MVT - Orange detox Juice POSE 2


TRUTH Indigo - Brunette @ The Fifty
TRUTH / Indigo / With Hat

[ONYX] Trust Tattoo
[ONYX] Trust Tattoo - Fresh

[Onyx] Rania shape For LeLUTKA Kaya Head 3.1
[Onyx] Rania shape For LeLUTKA kaya -Legacy

Summer Gift Card Sale – Trompe Loeil

Summer is back and so is our Summer Gift Card Sale! Starting now through midnight May 30, pick up transferrable, never-expiring Gift Cards for 50% off the list price! Save them, use them to treat yourself or give them away – they never expire and they’re good at every regular Trompe Loeil inworld vendor! (Please note: weekly Superfans Specials and Fifty Linden Friday vendors are exempt from gift card purchases.) Pick them up from the special Gift Card Sale boards at the following locations:

By the Trompe Loeil Mainstore entrance: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyde%20Park/214/179/22

On the Trompe Loeil region:



… evening escape …

... evening escape ...
May 28 2022

I read recently that bloggers are getting lazy. We take photos, provide the sponsored link information, skip the items that are not sponsored, and if needed add the event link. No writing of any reviews or mentions of product details in any way. Slap a photo on the wall and link up. That's what the article said. So, I've been thinking about my own blog and what is my level of effort that I display as a blogger. Do I slap and post? Well maybe. I use to write a bit of information about the photo, or products displayed. However, I did not receive feedback and I didn't find that I was a shining star in that arena. I too noticed the change in blog postings and thought I'd change with the tide. I only apply if I know I will wear the items outside of blogging or use the decor items in my home.  My inventory is full enough. In fact I can't use all that I own at once since my prims cap out at 1500. With that said, I am making an effort to write more details about posts. If the owner provides a notecard, or the details in flicker/facebook/blogotex, so will I! It's the least I can do. Lazy I am not! Until next time ...

DaD "Painted wicker Daybed Set" @ UBER
Personal invitation to relax in comfort and style is the newest release of the Painted Wicker Daybed.  Take your seat and sigh in contentment as you lean back against the fluffy pillows. Don't want to lean back, but lay on your tummy.  No worries, the daybed has plenty of animations to set your mood.  
Single sits for female and male and couple animations in the pg version and all three including adult animations in the adult version. 
HUD included for personal customization in color.  You get six colors to select from for the pillows, towels, blanket, mattress and bamboo.  
Basket table includes HUD with six colors to choose from.

DaD "Painted Wicker Basket Table" c/m v.1.0 with HUD
DaD "Painted wicker Daybed" PG v.1.0 c/m with HUD

DaD "Cedar Gazebo Bleached wood Ed." c/m [ previous 60L Happy Weekend item]

DaD DESIGN "St.Thomas House" (background)


Nutmeg. Bachelor Bag Olive
Nutmeg. Bachelor Bag Beige
KOPFKINO - Garden Corner - Magazines (c)
hive // boho string lights . multi