… chasing comets …

... chasing comets ...
Re-Released for The Saturday Sale Official - SL ❤ 
Time for Star and Comet Gazing!
Scarlet Creative - Chasing Comets
75 L
2048 plot +
16 x 27 M
119 LI
Mod and Copy

Nutmeg. Swing - Group Gift (still available)

All other items are from my personal collection. If there is something, you want to know more about feel free to send me a message in world (madi fray)

Asian Pacific Heritage Festival May 1st – 31st

It’s May! And we’re celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage month with a cooler than cool festival!

Asian Pacific Heritage Festival May 1st – 31st!

Scene Details & Event Links –

Limo – maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Evermore/170/129/1448