… L2 Studio + LOOOQ Gallery …

... L2 Studio + LOOQ Gallery ...
At the end of a wooden path, on an island open to all, is the adorable and quaint L2 Studio GRIEG ATELIER. The foliage is delicately and carefully placed so you feel you are exploring a faraway home in the middle of the forest. There are animals of all kinds in nooks and crannies totally unexpected but add to the realism effects as you explore the many paths around the island.  I hid a few bushes and trees in order to capture the blue house at the end of the path, but that doesn't take away from the scenery at all. All over the island are homes created by Lindini Lane, small business owner of L2 Studio placed strategically to explore. Every time I come to this place I begin to envision and imagine my own home in SL.  This place definitely inspires creativity. 

All the homes by L2 Studio are hand crafted within SL and all are less than 125 Prims. Some, like the Grieg Atelier are only 87 but it packs a bunch of space. High ceilings and spacious rooms to decorate anyway you see fit. You can copy/modify all the builds from L2 and I have seen some creative mods over the years. You will never see these homes for sale at events. This is a woman owned small business within SL going strong for as long as I've been visiting - 2007. There is a TP to the demo rezzer. Go left into the main store to find it, however exploring the island is fun to see all the homes decorated as the creator intended. 

Whether your a blogger looking for a place to take your photos or just want to explore a new open hassle free sim, this is the place for you! The owner, Lindini Lane is often away from her PC, so its best to just leave a message if you have any questions. 

There is a flicker group to add your photos taken at L2 Studio + LHOOOQ island. Please add to the pool and let's see how your visit went! Share here
Until next time ...

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