All in good time

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I tested positive for Covid-19 on September 25th.  I’ve tried very hard to avoid catching it at all costs for the past 2+ years.  I don’t go into most stores due to large crowds of people shopping and I don’t eat out in restaurants anymore either.  I wear my mask if I must come into contact with people I don’t know and most everything I buy is done online.  Thank goodness for curbside pickup and Grubhub!  The one place I do go to is work and that’s where I ended up catching it.  My boss, who didn’t know he had it, but who also never covers his mouth when he coughs, pretty much coughed in my face about a week before I tested positive.  That’s all it took.  While I got pretty congested and had a slight fever and cough for a few days, I came out okay and am…

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