… T I G H T S …

... T I G H T S ...

::C’est la vie !:: Suri Tights (#3) – (BOM) -wear-
20 colors to choose from. The BoM went right under my shorts and tucked in nicely to my boots

TLC seagulls’ shack – Version 2
now 50% off – closing sale

Eudora3D Ezra Boots Denim Edition FATPACK / Boxed

.. Spidey Sense …


MOVEMENT- To be warm FATPACK @ The Fifty
MVT – Cup of hot tea and phone (HOLD)
MVT – Winter handbag – Pink

KUNGLERS – Gwen rings – Reborn

Guapa – Lia Skin (LEL EVOX) FATPACK

Foxy – Whisper Hair (Natural Ombre)

ADORSY Caddy Outfit @ Cosmopolitan
adorsy – Caddy Top Fatpack
adorsy – Caddy Overall Fatpack
adorsy – Caddy Boots Fatpack

[Onyx] Ruthless Tattoo
[Onyx] Ruthless Tattoo-fuck
[Onyx] Ruthless Tattoo-Neck Only (Faded)
[Onyx] Ruthless Tattoo-Ruthless (Faded)
[Onyx] Ruthless Tattoo-wond

… Winter Retreat …

... Winter Retreat ...

**DaD –Outdoor Sauna – ** FAMESHED
9.7×5.0 l.i. 23 c/m
Change textures towels by towels touch (4 colors available)
Centrale Unit near the door for:
Lighting – Stone Stove – Windows
Incense Bottle on/off touching the sticks

DaD – Snow Add On Pergola UBER
l.i. 3 c/m

**DaD – Outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub –UBER
PG – ADULT 6.8×6.0 l.i. 22 c/m
Change textures towel-pillows-cushion by towels touch (4 colors available)
Jets & Steam available by touch the buttons on the tub. Outdoor Jacuzzi Stool is included with Hot Tub

DaD “Mountain Forest Pines L” mesh c/m 1.0

{anc} snow ground (mesh snow/square) pink 1Li
{anc} dust snow.[two] animation.blowing 1Li
NOMAD // Snowy Fence