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Backdrop City. I doubt there is a blogger in SL that is unaware of this fabulous sim that is open to all. Today, I was a patron along with 21 others. What generousity. This is a gift to be able to come take a photo in various scene's and never have to glammer up my inventory. Thank you Backdrop City! 

pose: STUN Elektra 3 Curve V.2+Mirror 
Location: Backdrop City
Backdrop: niney - parque - how cute is this!

"Off-Line" x "Lumi" Set / Fatpack [Unpack Me] @ Kinky
"Off-Line" x "Lumi" Addon / Fatpack / Reborn
"Off-Line" x "Lumi" Panties / Fatpack / Reborn
"Off-Line" x "Lumi" Top / Fatpack / Reborn

[ONYX] Tataru shape For LeLUTKA Raven Head 3.1 @ Dollholic
[ONYX] Tataru shape For LeLUTKA Raven Head 3.1-Ebody
[ONYX] Tata eyebrows shape
[ONYX] Face Moles 1-Evox

[avarosa] Teeth Addon

[Heaux] Fern Shadows *Group GIFT (unpacked)
[Heaux] Fern - Shadow [Antique]

TRES BEAU - Lelutka EvoX -  Chin Cleft (ADD)
TRES BEAU - Lelutka EvoX -  Chin Cleft (1) 100%

[Glam Affair] Tataru Skin [Lelutka EvoX] Velour Icy @ Access
[Glam Affair] Tataru Freckles
[Glam Affair] Face Shadow 20%
[Glam Affair] Tataru Blush 50%
[Glam Affair] Tataru Brows Black 100%
[Glam Affair] Tataru [Lelutka EvoX] Icy B
Glam Affair - Ears - Icy

VELOUR: The "Ipanema Body" for eBody Reborn (Icy)
VELOUR: Ipanema Body for eBody Reborn - Curvy (Icy) 1

LeLUTKA Raven Head 3.1 Christmas Gift 2022
/ HEAD / lel EvoX RAVEN 3.1

AG. Frost Eyes Pack
AG. Frost Eyes - BoM - 06 - C
Mesh Eyes

NOVA. Apex // Blended Kit (unpacked) @ Tres Chic
NOVA. Apex - @ Tres Chic - only 300L for 5 styles and tons of color choices! 

POX - Marni.Mink-Coat in Beige
Pox - Marni.Mink-Coat in Beige (Size 2)

eBODY - REBORN - Wear to unpack
REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4