… beach side …

... beach side ...
This week Scarlet Creative has reintroduced the Jenna Gazbo in Wood and look how pretty! 
During the sale it comes with the historical painted version too. This Gazebo has 3 versions included in each color. Including with Slats at the Back, a full Back or no Back - allowing you to be super flexible if you align onto a house, or simply have in your garden or beach!
 6 x 9 M
16 LI
Mod and Copy

If your wondering about the furniture - yes, there is a perfect match on sale as well for 199L. Loaded with goodies and for the price, you can't beat it. 

Eve Aspen Chalet - a gorgeous wood and slate chalet. Has an optional Snow Package/Roof available also at the vendor. But it fits well on the top of the hill shown in the background. Comes in two sizes Best for 2046 Plots and up 
32 x 38M (large) 27 x 37M (regular)
94LI (regular) 118 LI (large)
Mod and Copy
With full custom LODS for optimization

LB_YoungGinkgoTree{Animated}*4Seasons is currently on sale for Wanderlust. Only 75L. 

Nutmeg. Backyard Evenings Gray / 1 @ Kustom 9

Nutmeg. Metal Bench with HUD for texture change
Nutmeg. Metal Chair 

Skye StudioSandy Beach (Pk1)
Skye Studio Beach Dunes
Fantatik Loften