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Ariskea[Emma]Candle & leaf Plate
[InsurreKtion] Crazy for Chocolate 2<3
Lagom  – Star sign constellations ❤
Snooper’s Attic Kilmer Set @ The Liaison Collaborative
[North Oak] + Monera Dining Collection @ Equal10
Nutmeg. Summer Lounge Potted Tree
VARONIS – Lueur Skybox

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… sparce red …

... sparce red ...
Shopping in SL has shifted. Events driven with Pricing higher than ever, is becoming dull.  I remember when an item was featured at an event, there was a discounted price. After that, the item went to full price and was available at the main store or marketplace. So, why clammer to get there first? For me, I am leaning more towards " I'll get it later at the same price".  In fact, I love the Happy Weekend and Saturday Sales much more than what goes on at the events. Buying direct from my favorite brands, supporting them while getting a hell of a bargain! What's not to love.  Brands are getting more and more creative about the weekends sales too. Retexturing, redesigning previous items, freshening up what is a sure hit, again for a great price. And then there are those brands who seem to have endless creativity and just can't be ignored. The quality is grand and different from what has ever been released before. Who doesn't love a new item for a sale price? Cmon, I dare you to disagree! One thing is for sure, I have been in SL since 2010 and I have seen items come and go. I think good and hard before pressing the button to buy if I already have a similar item in my inventory. It has to be really special for me to double/triple up on that bedroom set or bathtub since I have those already. If your brand is offering pre-linked sets!?! I am a fan! Roads, fences, walkways. Please don't give me a thousand strands to put together. Link Sets I say! Those are just my thoughts. Until next time ...

C.H-Rumors- Evox (ADD)
C.H- Rumors- Evox- Under Shadow- Red

C.H- Moist Lip Set- Evox (HUD)

[Onyx] Always Beautiful Tattoo @ REBORN Event 1.22.23
[Onyx] Always Beautiful Tattoo- Fresh

[Onyx] Meli Eyebrows
[Onyx] Meli Eyebrows -Brown
[Onyx] Meli eyebrows Shape

adorsy - Candice SET BUY ALL PACK @ Cosmopolitan Event
adorsy - Candice Boots Fatpack - Reborn
adorsy - Candice Denim Shorts Fatpack - Reborn
adorsy - Candice Jacket Fatpack - Reborn
adorsy - Candice Top Fatpack - Reborn

KUNGLERS - Gwen rings
KUNGLERS - Gwen rings -Reborn

Movement Poses Coffee
MVT - Taurus Starcoffee

[monso] Ruya Hair /Brown & Blonde
[monso] Ruya Hair (m)

16 Genesis_Lab_Cigarette_3.0 Woman Bento BLUE
Genesis_Lab_Cigarette_3.0 Woman Bento BLUE
Genesis_Lab_Cigarette_HUD 3.1
Genesis_Lab_Smoke_Particles (from mouth)

PROMAGIC Emily Lip Jewel-Fatpack
PROMAGIC Emily Lip Jewel-Evo2EvoX

{Guapa} - Mylah Skin (LELUTKA EVOX) Sienna