About Us

Five years ago I discovered SL. From the beginning I was fascinated by it, and curious to explore everywhere in SL, being in admiration of what the human mind can achieve here. From these beginnings started the idea to share all that is beautiful and interesting in SL with everyone here and … in 2009 we created Be Happy in SL’s Blog! I want to thanks everyone who visits my blog, the designers who create beautiful things and want to share them with us, the owners of clubs for wonderful events, and of course all other SL bloggers.

Be Happy in sl’s Blog is the place where you can find posts starting from animations, body parts, clothes, discount, less price, events,places to visit, hunts, gifts, jewerly,freebies, furniture , deco all for women and men.

Have fun and Be Happy like my blog!
Thank you
madalina Aeghin

71 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,

    We run a blog about freebies and bargains in Second Life.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to add our blog to your blogroll.
    If yes, I will do the same.

    Blog title: Resas Freebie Corner
    Blog address: http://resasfreebiecorner.wordpress.com

    Thank you very much for your consideration.


    • Hiii Blade, Thx:)) me too, i’m really happy to have news from your store on Be Happy! InSl’s Blog:)). Kisses!!

  2. Hey Madalina,

    Thank you for adding Silhouette to your bloggers… Its really helpfull for us. I’ve tried to post but I dont have the opportunity to post images with my posts… Do you need to give me more permissions?

    Also I have added this blog to our store blog and it would be great if you can link us back 😉
    Here is the link: http://silhouette-sl.blogspot.com/

    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Julie, thanks me too for all 😀 and sorry, yesterday i was afk all day, now i fixed all and you can edit posts about your items . Hugsss !!

    • HiII .. The Fame Style –> add , look under Blogroll – Contributor, Magazines, Freebies, Gifts, LC, MM, Dollarbies…

    • Hello Ree, yup i have got your “application/form” , your blog link is already added , sorry to not replay so promptly but i am with a busy period atm in rl :)) Hope everything is ok now. Kiss, Hugs and Be Happy!

    • Hi gloria,
      thanks for all and thx for being part of Be happy In Sl’s Blog Team. Your link is listed under “Blogroll – SL Fashion, Shops, Contributor, Magazines, New Release, Freebies, Gifts, LC, MM, Dollarbies…”


    • Hi Toxic,
      thanks me too for adding my Blog:))
      I added yours too, under ” Blogroll – SL Fashion, Shops, Contributor, Magazines, New Release, Freebies, Gifts, LC, MM, Dollarbies…”

    • Hello Svetolanka , i will login tomorrow in SL and i will send the steps how to log in and post in Be Happy In Sl’s Blog.
      Thank you.

    • Hi dearrasilbersztein,
      thanks for writing back. Your link is added to be happy in sl’s blog.

      Thank you

  3. Madalina good day,
    I accepted the invitation to participate in the Be Happy, but my first post was for review. Should I wait? Thank you
    Shelena Mauer

  4. Hi Madalina! I’m having a bit of an issue posting on Be Happy in SL. It’s telling me that my limit for media uploads has been met but I know this must be for the whole site and not for myself. I’ve tried deleting 3/4 of my past posts so I could continue to post my current blog posts but no luck yet. Would you be able to help me figure out if either I reached my limit on this feed or if it is the whole group that has reached the media limit. Thanks so much!! -Selene Starflare

  5. Hello. I’ve applied to join the Be Happy in SL, Is there some way to find out why my blog hasn’t been accepted? I don’t want to keep reapplying. I do have it linked on my syndication page. Thanks!


  6. Hello,
    I am not sure if my previous comment went through since I never saw it displayed here so I will try again..
    I’ve added Behappyinsl feed’s link already on my fashion blog,could you please do the same? Pretty please?

    Blog URL: cyannastarsmith.tumblr.com
    Blog Name: Shop ’til Drop

    Cyanna Starsmith

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