No° 322 – Welcome home …darling

The 9 tailed Fox

welcome home darling

Ohayooo Lovelys ^^
which man did not dream of his wify waiting for im at home dressed in sexy lingerie ?
Today i’m waiting for all of you 🙂

Body – Maitreya Lara Body

Skin – Glam Affair – Laurel Pearl ( Uber – Macabre )
Eyeliner –[Buzz]Essentials – Royale Liner
Blush –[PF]Cute Blush (part of PF <Crystal>Doll V2)
Beautymarks –[PXL] Beauty Mark Pack
Eyes – .tsg. Galaxy – Aquamarine
Hair –rezologyTruffles

Nosechain –[CX] Aurora Nosechains
Septum –[CX]Blade Set
Collar –[CX]Skin deep Remake (silver)
Lingerie – .::Dead Dollz::.Victoria – Black – New @Mesh Avenue SepSTEAMber Event
Corset – ALTAIR* rosabelle corset .white. – NEW @ Gen Neutral
Garter – ALTAIR* memoria garter
Footwraps – fri. – Aisling.Wraps
Shoes –[CX]Sexy Massacre
Nails & Rings –[CX]Hayop (unpacked)
Armband –

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No° 320 – Will you ever come back ….

The 9 tailed Fox

Will you ever come back

Ohayooo lovelys ^^
yes i’m back, after a longer break due to changes in my rl i’m now back on track trying to start blogging again.
Hopefully some of my readers are still there and probably i also can interesst some more people in my style.
Today i went to Blithe to take my photo, Harlow always does such a great job on her sims i just love them ❤
But let’s go on with all the credits for you 😉
(>^,^)> Hugs & Kisses Ask <(^,^<)
Ps: This is the prettiest kitten in the world ❤ Sphynx kittens

Ears –[CX]Industrial Ears – soon @ Body Mod Expo
Horns – [CX]Qilin Horns (Gold)
Body – Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Skin –Glam Affair– Yolandi skin – Europa
Lips – Glam Affair– Katra Lips 01 – Europa
Blush –[PF]Cute Blush (part of PF…

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No° 321 – Is this a dream?

The 9 tailed Fox

is this a dream

Ohayoooo lovelys ^^

Ears –[CX]Industrial Ears – soon @ Body Mod Expo
Arms & Legs – *COCO*_Doll_MonsterLimbs_Nude
Mouth – VCO _ Nina mesh lip _ {Pack}

Skin – Glam Affair – Grazia skin ( Shiny Shabby ) Polar
Blush –[PF]Cute Blush (part of PF <Crystal>Doll V2)
Beautymarks –[PXL] Beauty Mark Pack
Freckles – .ARISE. Cutie Freckles
Eyes – {Dead Apples} Phantom Eyes – Barbie Doll & Black Swan
Hair – Doe: Deer Me (solid) – Fatpack – New @ We ❤ RP

Earrings –[CX] Aural Parasite (gold) – New @ TMD
Septum – MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style7)
Top – ALTAIR* egg crop shirts .black – New @ Deviled Egg
Blouse – :::LP::: Stud Blouse (White) MESH
Shorts – Maitreya * Washed Out * BF Jeans Shorts
Belt – FDD *Endless* Postapocalyptic Set ULTRA
Cuffs –[CX] Lucifer’s Cuffs Black (reattached…

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No° 319 – I need a break

The 9 tailed Fox

i need a break
Lips – VCO _ Nina mesh lip – (beware these are no tint and only have the vco skin colors to choose from so they won’t match 100% with my skintone!!!)
Hands –  Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Gesture
Body –  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.0

Skin –  -Glam Affair – Katra Skin – Polar 08 NB – now @ Mainstore
Beautymarks – [PXL] Beauty Mark Pack
Eyes – [Buzz] Celestial Eyes – Misc & Blue
Hair & Bows – [LCKY]Sweet Thing. – Thanako //
Sweet Thing. Kittygiri Bow – Color Changing RARE
+ Sweet Thing. Onigiri Bows – Color Changing RARE – New @ Xiasumi
Nailpolish – Nailed It – All in One Pack – Monochrome Set – New

Dress – .::Dead Dollz::. Starfly – White – New @ We ❤ RP
Gloves –  Sweet Thing. Derby Girl Gloves Fatpack

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No° 318 – Ohaguro Bettari

The 9 tailed Fox

Ohaguro BettariOhayoooo lovelys,
today i’m going to show you a preview for Xiasumi which will start on April the 3rd .
Since the theme of this round is supernatural i decided to become a Ohaguro Bettari which is a yokai cuz i thought it is a cool idea.
My accessoirs for this post are for Xiasumi from Altair* she made these super cute Magatama necklaces and Inari bells headpiece.
I’m totally excited for this round.
My hairs are called Iki from Lcky for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair which is running since the 28th of March.Some of my friends said this edit is to creepy, but i’m happy how it turned out cause i wanted to be a creepy yokai for you today.
Have fun on shopping
hugs & kisses Ask

Headpiece – ALTAIR* inari bells .gold. – soon @ Xiasumi
Hair – [LCKY] Iki // Neutral A Pack – New…

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No° 317 – Pathfinder

The 9 tailed Fox

pathfinderHellu lovelys,
today i have a nice apocalyptical outfit for you.
In fact i started this outfit with this pretty simple brandy dress from glam affair and the sawblade belt from cerberus xing was the one little piece that leaded me to this outfit.
So have fun with my look and maybe it inspires you to dress up something in a way that hadn’t be seen before.
Hugs & kisses Ask

Hands –  Slink AvEnhance Hands Female Gesture
Body –  Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1

Skin – -Glam Affair – Grazia Skin – Jamaica 08 NB -New @ Uber
Scars – #adored– tough stuff scars
Eyes – {D.A.} Nebula Nature (R) & !CS!Jaded Green Light – New
Hair – [RA]Robin Hair – Fatpack New @ RAFF

Dress  -Glam Affair – Brandy Dress S Caramel @ Kustom9
Gloves – [CX] Wraps Applier
Pants –.::Dead Dollz::.Abandon…

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No° 314 – Vixen Cherubim

The 9 tailed Fox

Vixen CherubimHullo lovelys ^^
it’s me again i was waiting for this awsome corset thingy from Violent Seduction for days, i love when she does such pretty and unique items that you can find nowhere else on the grid. ❤
I really was thinking about blogging the whole set , when i crossed about the folder with wimey Vixen of Destruction Gown for the Secret Affair. Normally there would be no chance to match these two pretty pieces, but since Violent Seduction works with fitted mesh for a while and Wimey uses standard sizes i could fit them to one pretty dress without any problems.
I really love it when i could mix and match items in this way and i’m pretty happy when designer decide to do fitted mesh and standard sizes so i get the possibility to fit items together in this way.
This awsome ring & braclets ensemble…

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No° 313 – Skin Fair 2015 – Glam Affair -Katra

The 9 tailed Fox

Glam Affair -  Katra CleanHullo lovelys,
today i show you the full Katra Release from Glam Affair for the Skin Fair 2015.
As usual idecided to use a pale tone for my overview. This time it is artic, and for my portrait i used the clean version that comes with each make up.
Each skin comes in addition with 2 nose and 2 lips layers, which gives you the opportunity to customize the skins a bit.

Hair – +Spellbound+ Salome // Chapter I : Earth – New
Skin –  -Glam Affair – Katra skin [ Artic ] Clean D – New @ Skin Fair
Eyes – .tsg. Galaxy – Aquamarine
Necklace – .random.Matter.– Shanti Necklace – Gold – New @ Uber

Glam Affair Katra make ups

All you can get for Katra:
– 8 Skintones (Polar, Artic, Europa, America, Asia, Jamaica and India)
– 7 different browcolors & 5 brow shapes ( i wear…

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No° 312 – Even heaven starts to cry

The 9 tailed Fox

Even heaven starts to cryHullo my lovely followers ^^
Skin fair is open and i was about to do a blogpost about Glam Affairs release Katra for it when i fell into a kind of sad mood, so i felt to make a sad pose and ended up in this post, and even if i wear Katra in this post i thought it should be better to make an extra post with headshots just for it to show you all the beatiful make ups and appliers that came out for it.

This was a sad week for me, cause i had to say goodbye to an old childhood friend and i think this is a bit reflected in my picture for today and caused my mood the last days, since every lost reminds me on everybody that i have to miss in my life….

Always in my mind, forever in my heart


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No° 311 – I need to care about them

The 9 tailed Fox

i need  care about them
Ohayooo lovelys,
today i found the time for another post for you.
With this post i want to show you some pretty things you can get at Origami, like my geta and socks from Cerberus Xing or these pretty horns from Cubic Cherry. Altair made these super cute hairpins for Origami.
All the little Sleepychis and the bag are from Sweet Thing for the Arcade and this lovely skin is one of the new releases from Glam Affair. It is another palett of  8 make ups for Alice which comes . I show you all of them today so you can chose which one you like the most. I decided to use Artic Number 4 for this post and combined it with the Romy Loud Mouth applier. Alice comes in Artic and America this time.
I wish you much fun on the Arcade and also on all the other wonderfull…

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