Miss Virtual World Academy is Now Accepting Students




The MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization is able to provide the full spectrum of training necessary for men and women to enter into a successful fashion modeling career. The MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization and this Academy have, for years, been educating and graduating the most recognized models in SL Fashion. MVWMA employs only the best and most experienced fashion models in SL as instructors.

IT IS OUR MISSION and purpose to give you the tools and skills necessary to pursue your dreams as a model in Second Life.

With our staff’s vast wealth of experience, we will help prepare you in what you will need to reach for the stars and attain your personal aspirations. We offer a diverse range of training, from introductory courses for those just starting out on their modeling journey to advanced classes for those wanting the most up to date information to stay current. No matter your level of experience, MVWMA has the class to assist you in keeping your skills sharp and preparing you to meet any challenge.

A R E Y O U R E A D Y ?

To find out how to take the next step, or if you have any questions, we welcome you to contact our top notch student advisors. They are ready and excited to help you get started on this amazing adventure.


Please contact Steele Sirnah for more information

Or send by email to:


You K N O W you want to do this.

You’re R E A D Y to begin.

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Please send all MVWMA tuition payments to:

Kennedy Eddingham

See the Academy web site for rates and further information

Class 101 A – The Basics Pt 1
101B – The Basics Pt 2
102 – Shapes
103 – Strut That Runway
104 – Styling
105 – Raising the Bar
106 – Class with Reign Congrejo

Catalina Staheli – Social Media teacher

Garden Party with Dj Jack Daniels in support of Relay For Life of Second Life

Photograph Credits ~ Samuel Weatherby

Time 9 AM to 11AM SLT
Date 17th June 2015

A two hour event to fund raise for Relay For Life of Second Life at the 2nd Annual Castle Contest.. The venue is a OOAK (One of a Kind) build by Debby Sharma (debbyom) based on the theme “Future is Now” to take part in the Home and Garden Building Contest. 

We are relaying for the family members and friends who are fighting against the deadly disease, Cancer. Join us to share your thoughts and memories of loved ones who fought bravely. And lets hold hands to build hope of a Cancer Free World for the future.

All donations, tips and contest winnings would directly go to Kiosk.

Here is a Sneak Peak before the curtain is finally raised just before the event.

Modelling 101 ~ Part IV Spring Summer 2015 Challenge

The third styling challenge was Spring Summer 2015. After an engrossed research on the color palate, I felt the first thought that comes to my mind with the theme is a fairy walking or hovering in her garden. Here is my styling card.

I am dressed in a beautiful and mesmerizing gown made by !Lyrical B!zzare Templates! surrounded by blue butterflies by Gizza. For the theme Spring Summer 2015 I chose palate of colors close to nature that imbibes coolness and freshness in the eyes of the beholder. The light shades of pink and orange mixed with white and blue accompanied by a loud make up enunciates the contrast which is so much similar to Avant Garde Styling.

Dressed as the flower, Canna Lily. The blue butterflies that flutter around me seems to draw my nectar. The choice of blue color takes a step closer towards the sky and her wings flutter to drift on the runway as if Fairy Godmother had spun her magic wand. Taking each step with poise; stepping lightly towards the blossomed garden where my Prince Charming awaits.

My Wardrobe Credits: Click here to read further…


Behind the Scenes with 2014 SL’ Got Talent Winner

2014 SL’ Got Talent Winner, Trinity Ermintrood (Bubbles) started as little girl singing for her friends on hay bale trailers to the one with a nightingale’s voice at the talent show.  At 30, she has an electric taste in music in almost everything with a deep love for rock and country. She has been a karoke host and Dj for over 9 years in real life. She has been singing in Second Life over the past year and has already got her hands full with requests for Live Performances. One can book her by instant messages or notecard in world or through other communication channels. Her schedule can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/Bubbles-Schedule

Photograph Credits: Larinda Ravenheart (Peachy)

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Behind the Scenes ~ A success story of Zooby’s with Carrie Tatsu

Zooby’s, an established name in a virtual world called Second Life. A virtual project that made it big. It is said that babies make a family complete. Zooby’s babies are one of the most loved and the most sought after babies in Second Life. Read more about the success story of Zooby’s from Carrie Tatsu, owner of Zooby’s.

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What’s Special ~ A Moving Picture Show

In the last few days at the Penumbra Fashion Week, amazing designers showcased their designs for us to look beautiful in the Autumn Winter season. This time I bring you Trinity Yazimoto’s Love at the first sight artistic outfit. The following picture background is morphed which took me took me forever to create. Its an outlook of my artistic point of view. Although, the fashion week is over, I still wanted to wear this one, since it somehow reflects my real life personality.

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Virtual Worlds voices the Internet Slowdown

An article written on The Internet Slowdown Process at The Torch: Entertainment Guide by Wil Morris, a fellow colleague, intrigued a thought of Kennie Morrison to conduct a poll in the virtual worlds like Second Life, InWorldz and Avination etc.

national debate over net neutrality led to a 3-2 vote at Federal Communications Commissions to decide that they will allow telecommunications and broadband providers to charge content providers for a preferential treatment across their networks. This strategy is demonstrated by Netflix and Comcast. For more information click here. Although such implementation cannot be observed out-rightly by the broadband companies by blocking the a major part of traffic to the sites, few major sites have started to protest. One such protest over the web has been done on September 10th, 2014.

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Seasons of Pink ~ II~ Kick off Party

In the Part I, I gave a brief introduction on the MSABC, 2014. The kick off for MAKING STRIDES AGAINST BREAST CANCER ACROSS was held on Sunday, September, 2014 at 9:30 am SLT, to start the official fundraising season for breast cancer research and awareness in Second Life.  The 2014 MSABC Chair is Jessii2009 Warrhol and the theme for the 2014 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Across Second Life is “Seasons of Pink”.


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