Urgent Care Center

Gem's Finds

We live what is considered remote in RL.  I visit Urgent Cares often with my children.  I picked up this build out of sheer curiosity and I was impressed at the detail of The Urgent Care Center by DB Homes.  It is actually a fully furnished building consisting of 280 prims.  It includes the landscaping on the outside (except the grass pictured), a waiting room, an office, a pharmacy window, three exam rooms and an employee room.  It is a 100% original mesh build.  With a few extra furnishings it could be a fully functional unit.

I found some scrubs on market place and asked my friend Lady to come do a photo with me.  We used Reina Photography’s FR009 pose (with out the sheet) for our nurse photo.  We even had a photo bomber who need Urgent Care services or so he said lol.  Both the building and…

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Mother Nature

Gem's Finds

I have a secret place that I like to go, but I know she see’s all.  The ever wise, ever watching Mother Nature.  I like to think and ponder in this safe place that just I know.  The items pictured can be found at the SL Home and Garden Expo.  The event supports Relay for Life in Second Life and runs until April 7th.  With a whopping 11 sims you will not be disappointed.

Wall w/Vegetation | ImagiNits – Mother Nature* (sim 4)

Fence Set | Organica – Silphium Fence Set Brick & W. Iron* (sim 3)

Light | Organica – Cynara Lantern* (sim 3)

Day Bed | Bloom! –  Hanging Bed Yellow* (sim 1)

Wild Flowers | Felix – Flower Ground Cover 2 

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Morning By The Lake

Gem's Finds

I spent the morning at the lake working on my gardening. The onions are ready to harvest and they grew great in the little recycled containers I found for them.  My trusty spade and watering can were near as I continued to transplant some of the vast flowers around the birch trees.  Who knew those flowers would grow so well here.  All of the items in the picture can be found at the SL Home and Garden Expo that opened today.

The SL Home and Garden Expo is a Charity Event supporting Relay for Life In Second Life.  Many designers, bloggers and organizers dedicate their time towards this event.  It covers a whopping 11 sims.  The event opens today and runs until April 7th to give you plenty of time to check everything out.

Crates | Old World – Set of old crates with plant v1*(sim 1)

Spring Tree Set w/table…

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Spring Fling

Gem's Finds

I am so ready for spring to show up it’s not even funny.  I had five weeks of winter storms on the weekends.  Then the snow sat around for another four weeks.  I am starting to see the ground and the flowers are trying to show themselves.  I found this great spring from I.M. Collection called Cindy at Designer Showcase.  I paired it with Cazimi’s Fantasia Nails.  They come in a range of hues that are perfect for any spring outfit.

Spring Fling Closeup.png

Outfit | I.M. Collection – Cindy 5 Jumpsuit*

Nails | Cazimi – Fantasia Nails*

Rings | Swan – Terra Rings Silver

Choker | Nanika – Viola Choker Pink

Hair | Opale – Rocky Hair

Makeup |Dotty’s Secret – Decadence

Ladder Prop w/Pose | Fashiowl – Winter Lights 

Backdrop | Foxcity – Photo Booth Flutter White

Photo Taken @ Backdrop City

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Come To The Tropics

Gem's Finds

One of the newest and best home decor events just opened a new round.  Boardwalk opens on the 15th.  Two great products that I found at this round that I love are the Peregrine Pool House from Fat Bird and Park Place Daria Patio Set and the Chrome & Rattan Coffee Table that goes perfectly with the pool house.

The Peregrine Pool House is a tropical-themed little two-story pool house which comes complete with tiny conservatory, exterior waterfall and balcony.  A set of three tropical bird prints are included.  You will also find a white version which has tintable walls.  Both houses are copy/mod, mesh, materials enabled and mod friendly. They are 60 prims. The approximate footprint is 20×15.

The Daria Spring Patio Sofa is available in G, PG, and Adult versions.  It is has a texture changer that is hud operated and includes the colors green, blue, pink, yellow, and red…

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Carnival Magic

Gem's Finds

My friend Queen is very talented at making music videos.  The Floating Lotus Gallery just opened a new showcase featuring her work.  At the event opening we had a carnival themed party.  It was so much fun and the DJ was great.  Here is the video from the event of the dancers including myself.  Make sure you head over to the gallery to check out the other videos on display.

Magical Carnival.png

Bikini | Rebel Hope – Chasta Bikini

Wings | Higgle – Mardi Gras 2018 Amethyst

Boots | Gos – Rihanna Perforated Boots

Hair | Besom Hair – Taz

Hair Accessory | Lode – Olivia Ice

Rings | Swan – Terra Rings Silver

Belly Piercing | Exqui – Vixen

Necklace | Lazuri – LuceMia Necklace Pearls

Nails | Slack Girl – Maudi Stilleto Nails

Ears | Swallow – Princess Ears

Lipstick | Pangea – Fairy Lipstick Fatpack (PP Dec. 18)


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High Fashion Thief

Gem's Finds

This great new outfit called Icon Black in Graffiti by AveMoi Design is available at Designer Showcase.  It comes with an applier for the body suit, gloves, a belt and a head scarf.  Of course my very quiet Virginia Beach Boots by Heels allowed me to go in quietly to grab what I needed.

HFT Close Up.png

Outfit | AveMoi Design – Icon Black Graffiti*

Hair | Shi Hair – Ruach

Shoes | Heels – Virginia Beach Boots Blk*

Makeup | Dotty’s Secret – Decadence

Pose | M-1 – Nuclear Thief

Backdrop | Minimal – Cyberpunk Capsule 7

Taken @ Backdrop City

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