Gem's Finds

I really adore the Riley Jeans Outfit from DE Boutique that is at the current round of Designer Showcase.  It has a great color HUD with lots of options.  I decided to use a dark color on the hud and pair it with the newly released Mainstree shoes by Heels.  These shoes come in three colors black, brown, and white as a three pack that is currently at On9.

Pants Set | DE Boutique – Riley Jeans Outfit*

Shoes | Heels – Mainstreet*

Large Ring | Darkling – Madeleine Ring

Small Rings | Swan – Victoria Rings Silver

Eye Makeup | Euphoric – Koko Beauty Set

Lipstick | Studio Exposure – 50′ Red Lipstick Collection

Nail Polish | DMZ – Icing On The Cake

Necklace | Amias – Vida

Hair | Truth – Horizon

Pose | Kokoro Poses – Adele  Chair

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Relaxing In Second Life

Gem's Finds

Today in the real world I lugged both my little ones to the pool on my bike and back.  They enjoyed it, but it was more work than anything for me.  So this evening I found a sizzling hot trikini called Seduction by Virtual Diva that is at this round of Designer Showcase.  I choose a dynamite music stream to listen to and sat in my new hot springs (post to come on Sunday) and relaxed Second Life style.  I may have been doing some inventory sorting as well.  I hope in either life you take time to relax because we all need these moments.

Bikini | Virtual Diva – Seduction Trikini Monocro*

Large Ring | Kunglers – Valeria rings

Small Rings | Swan – Terra Rings Gold

Eye Makeup & Lashes | Euphoric – Koko Beauty Set

Lipstick | Revoul  – Glossed N’ Bossed Collection

Nail Polish | 

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Farmhouse Mornings

Gem's Finds

In the mornings we head down stairs in the bunk house to the coffee room.  Here we can have coffee or tea while we wake up and chat.  It’s always a great day when you smell bacon wafting in from the main house before we head out for our farming tasks for the day.

Our Farmhouse Corner set is by Old Barn Door.  This is a large set that comes with three different chairs, a buffet cabinet, two different hanging lights, a table, three wall decorations, flowers and various coffee and tea decorations.

Farmhouse Corner | Old Barn Door*

Aprons | Acorn –  Apron Wall Decor Hygge

Crate Flowers | Old World – Old crate of crocus v2

Canisters | Dust Bunny – Kitchen Clutter Canisters Grey

Backdrop | WeArH0uSE – Now

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Forbidden Fruit

Gem's Finds

I was wondering off away from the group into the jungle when I stumbled into a papaya grove.  I had overheard some of the guides talking about the grove earlier that morning and that it might be the cursed grove.  How could I tell if this was true if I did not wander into the grove to see for myself.  I reached for a papaya and as I brought one down from the tree I could tell this was not a cursed grove, but a story the locals told to keep tourist like me out of the grove.  Lucky for me it was a great papaya and it hit the spot.  The coloring of the fruit coordinated with my new suit from Sexy Princess named Tropical Summer which is currently at the Curves Event.

Suit | Sexy Princess – Tropical Summer*

Earrings | Gemini – Cleo Old Metal Set

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Evening Out

Gem's Finds

I am ready for an elegant evening out.  I descended the stairs of the villa to find Magnus waiting for me.  What suprises he has in store for the night I do not know.  I hope he has something up his sleeve since I spent so much time getting ready, but isn’t that expected since I am a woman.  My luxurious gown comes from Virtual Diva’s and is named Utopy.  It is at the current round of the Sense Event.

Gown | Virtual Diva – Utopy Gown*

Hair | Iconic – Stephanie

Necklace & Earrings | Finesmith – Nova Laguna

Photo was taken at Wimberley 

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Beautiful Morning Stroll

Gem's Finds

I put on a new summer dress, grabbed my sun hat, slipped on my sandals and ran out the door this morning in search of a beautiful morning walk.  I had heard that Whimberly received a seasonal makeover and I was not disappointed.   Today I am wearing my Summer Dress by Virtue in Bloom.  It comes in a large variety of different body types.  I paired it with Tysons Corner Sandals in white by Heels that can be found at On9.

Dress | Virtue – Summer Dress Bloom*

Shoes | Heels – Tysons Corner Sandals White

Hair | Truth – Taren with Hat

Pose | An Lar Poses – The Polly Series One (m)

Photo Taken at Whimberly

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Alone In The Garden

Gem's Finds

For the first time all evening I found myself standing alone in the garden pondering what you may when you are alone lost in your own thoughts.  What was I waiting for I do not know, but I had to wait.  When the clock struck midnight my prince did come to seek me out.  Was my prince worthy?  Do have a choice in these modern times?  Of course I do what a silly question is that.

I choose the most splendid dress at the ball which was a vintage inspired cocktail gown.  Memories Gown in Maitreya Sky by Virtual Diva was released at the Vintage Fair.  My perfectly matching lace up Eto shoes by Heels in cornflower blue compliment the dress so well.  They can be found at the The Fashion Zone Event that opens tomorrow.

Gown | Virtual Diva – Memories Gown*

Shoes | Heels – Eto*

Hair | 

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