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Gem's Finds

Everyone has a little corner tucked away in their home where they can ponder things.  I like to keep my corner very minimalist with plants.  I feel that plants help to cheer up the space and bring life to it.  The Saundell Bean Bag Chair from Raindale is a new release at this round of Cosmopolitan as an event exclusive.  This chair is offered in both PG and Adult versions while offering 15 colors and is loaded with animations.

Chair | Raindale – Saundell Bean Bag Chair – PG*

Plant | Bazar – Bathroom Plant

Backdrop | MINIMAL – Mood Salon

Outside Tree | Thus Magic – Enchanted Tree 3 Green

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Nature’s Beauty

Gem's Finds

I went over to Gulf of Lune at  Calas Galashon Park looking for a spot to take a picture and found the most beautiful scene of nature.  Please help keep the park open by donating to the upkeep of the sim because that’s what keeps it up and running.  I recently found the store Nobel Creations in my adventures.  I absolutely love the amount of detail they put into their creations.  Abaddon Aftermath is one of their newer releases.  It comes in four different colors.

Nature's Beauty.png

Outfit | Nobel Creations – Abaddon Aftermath

Body Tattoo | Chameleon – Amrita

Crown | Yummy – Golden Laurel Leaf Crown

Eye Makeup, Lipstick and Eyes | Euphoric – Vivian Beauty Set (Powder Pack Jan. 2019)

Nail Polish | DMZ – Icing On The Cake

Body | Maitreya

Skin | Studio Exposure

Pose | Manifeste – Model_892

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Pink Dreams

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Gem's Finds

I have been looking for a new bed for a while.  At the Equal10Event the Elliston Bed is a new release by Raindale.  It comes in both Adult and PG editions.  It comes with a color HUD with the following: five colors for the wood frame, five colors for comforter, five colors for headboard fabric and ten colors for the pillows!

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