Devotion and Desire

Horror Hood

Devotion And Desire

Hi guys! I’m back! It seems the winds of annoyance have decided to hit my path. I got busy with school, and then sick to top it off so I haven’t been able to blog much. Don’t worry though, I haven’t forgotten about my blog anyhow.  I know I usually ramble on and on about how great my outfit is, but today I’d just want to tell you to look at it and judge for yourself. I love it! It’s sort of strange to see my avi go back to it’s goth/dark fashion style. Even when a lot of the looks you guys see from me are pretty dark, it’s been a while since i had a truly, “goth” style outfit, if you take dates into consideration. Anyway, this outfit of course made me go on an endless search for the perfect dark location, and I ended up in Hazardous

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Horror Hood

FancyHello people of the blogospheeeere! Did you miss me? Well I missed you. The life of a college girl is not easy, therefore I took a needed break from blogging. But now I am back, and ready to show you things I love! Which is, of course, cute things. One thing I’d like to point out. When I say that something is cute, and I like it, I truly mean it. It’s not me buttering up the creators,although they do deserve praise for their awesome work.  Moving on, before this becomes a rant, let me show you things! There’s been so many awesome content being sold out there that you cannot comprehend how positively excited I am to cover it all for you. and here’s the first of many, after my break! :

Body Pixels:


Skin:.Birdy. Ingrid Skin ~Pure~ Natural

Tattoo:La Malvada Mujer

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A Way Out

Horror Hood

A Way Out

Helloo! Long time no post guys, and I am very sorry indeed. I was struck by a big wave existential crisis, and lack of inspiration.  Whenever this happens to me I resort to video games, and unfortunately SecondLife wasn’t helping much. So I played Bioshock Infinite : Burial At Sea DLC. Besides the excellent story line, the game is extremely gorgeous! It being Bioshock , and set in Rapture, it was also pretty damn creepy. If you know me, you know that I admire this, so I had a blast playing this DLC. After playing this game, I was back on my game and inspiration and happiness were afloat! So here we are. My outfit today is extremely inspired by that DLC, namely and more specifically, Elizabeth. Elizabeth is now older, sexier, and darker. And of course, she has a job to do. I want to thank Zee, for…

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Love is an Open Door

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Love is an Open DoorHeyoo!So!! I have an event to feature for you. Despite me being as straight as a wooden plank (oh you boring vanilla, horror) , I strongly support equal rights for any human of any sexual orientation or gender. If you’re E.T. , sorry brah, but nah. Haha! Anyhow, the SLGBT Alliance  currently has a gacha event going on, to raise money for a very charitable cause, PFLAG. The Spread The Love event has opened it’s doors, and now it our turn to contribute! Other than getting snazzy cute items, your money is going to a great cause, so  GOGOGO! What better time to show some love, than on Valentine’s day? Here’s some credits:

Body Pixel:

Ears:.ginchi. Fancy Kitty Ears (@ STL)

Hat:{Capacious} Pride Beanie – Rainbow RARE(@ STL)

Hair:Magika [03] Road

Eyeshadow:The Horror!~Heartbreaker Shadow (GG, Free to join)

Eyes:{PopTart} Dead Eyes Pack(@

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How to be a Heartbreaker

Horror Hood

How to be a HeartbreakerHelllooooooooooo 😉 So I’ve decided i’ve been too cutesy lately and I miss my dark attire. YES, one cute post amongst many a dark ones, drains me. I MUST BE EVIL MWAHAHA! I think grumpy cat agrees, tbh. So now I’m Back to Black and ready for trouble! There’s soo soo soooo many events going on right now, and I am going insane. Words cannot express how much I want everything. All of it. I need it to be mine. For now, however, a few things will suffice. For example, SNAP’s presence in Thrift Shop 3.0 has left me very happy. Glasses with a bullet in them, and fingerless gloves definitively make me feel like a bad-ass and I am forever grateful for these. I feel like I can go pixel punch a few lame-o’s now. Cubic Cherry’s item for Final Fantasy Fair also is making me soo thuupperr happy…

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Oh Bondage! Up Yours!

Horror Hood

Oh Bondage! Up Yours!Hellooooow! Have you guys ever thought of the worst possible combinations? Sayyy something silly like a cat maid? Yeah I highly doubt any work would get done with the attention span of that thing. I introduce to you, Horror the Maid Kitten, work not guaranteed but much KAWAII DESU to be found. Anyway, dorkiness aside. I have much cutes to show you! For example, TSG. TSG just owwnns my dark soul, an amazing feat for such an adorable store. Seriously, slow clap for tsg and her amazing makeup,and cute accessories! Also, X-Dolls released this lovely maid outfit which is a bit on the naughty side (as they are lol), and it’s soooooo cute!  I’m wearing the PG version which INCLUDES a chest area (huehuehue) but mostly cause I try and keep my blog family friendly. Time to serve ya some credits! :

Body Pixels:

Hair:Rosy mood MESH hair /…

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Horror Hood

FlawlessA new queen has entered the game. Eat your heart out Daenerys Targaryen. I’m going to be perfectly honest. Visiting Fantasy Gacha Carnival was one of the most adventurous experiences in my SLife. Long story short, I won a thing I wanted, it WAS a RARE, and then SL decided to swallow it. Gone now. However, thanks to Zee, I found my journey of becoming Queen easier, so thank you for listening to my complaining about losing such a precious thing. Even though you are definitively on the wrong side of the game ;).  SO! I will take this oppurtunity to showcase great things from FGC. First off, Junbug. Oh Junbug. This dress. Do I even have to say how great this gown is orrrr? Is it a thing we can all agree with? Yes? Yes.Also from Junbug is that amazing warrior-like gorget. Cause I like being cute and…

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I Almost Told You That I Loved You

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I Almost Told You That I Loved YouHellooo people of the blogosphere! So, I’m STILL trying to remember to keep up with my blog every other day, but RL comes first. However, I believe quality >quantity, no? Anyway, do you guys like my selfie with myself? You’ll find this picture under “Narcissism” in dictionaries one day. Wow such ego, much douchey. In better news, Chop Shop will be present at Enchantement, opening up Feb 1st. Believe me when I tell you, you won’t be dissapointed. Their releases are to die for. Dem eyes and lipssss, oh my evil little heart is so pleased!Also, *Maru Maru* is a new poses store, which you should most definitively check out. Super cute, and extremely affordable. I’m tempted to sing Best of Both Worlds, but I will refrain. Don’t wanna burst yarr eardrums and kill your sanity, I am not that evil. Let me hit ya with some credits:


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Horror Hood

RealityHeya! So…I’m two days late to my every-other-day-blogging plan….and for that I am sorry. My classes actually started with a fury and they did not allow me to blog any sooner. HOWEVER, here I am, and here are things I like!So today I bring you a little bit of everything, with old items, new items, and an amazingly free item. LCKY is a brand of hair that has closed down, but now is back up and running with a passion. Just look at those lovely locks. I feel like a mermaid. At first I thought their color combos were a bit strange, but I’m in love with them now! So unique to the usual array of combos. Also, do you see that really friggin cute dress? Totally free. I nearly dieeed. If you don’t go get it, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. I know that I don’t usually…

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Beautiful Liar

Horror Hood

Beautiful LiarHeya!So this week I started classes again and well, it looks like this semester isn’t going to be very easy. On top of that I want to change my blog format from weekly, to every other day. Wish me luck! Anywho, Did I ever tell you guys that mesh is possibly the greatest thing that happened to SL or? ‘Cause it’s true. For example, Snap recently release this glorious top for SILICONE, so of course it comes with breast appliers , but I LOVED the only mesh version. Why must you do this to my feelings? Also, Sugar released these epic pants with strappy things on the sides and I just…I can’t. The outfit made itself! I would like to thank not only creators, but also designers, for making such great things that make my SLife. Here’s credits:

Body Pixels:

Headband:Action MESH Studded Headband

Hair:!lamb. White…

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