AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS 2020 xmas

* Gifts that you can find in the shop inside small gift boxes 15th of December will be the last day you will be able to get them

*Gifts that are in lucky letters and they will be out all December

*Under some of the tress and xmas decorations you can find old gifts that will be out all month!

*The 3 calendar boards have fun xmas stuff.


You need to wear my free to join group in order for you to get them! Copy paste it in local chat or find one of my group to join boards and click on them: secondlife:///app/group/9d005d29-3644-8836-7153-8ee023ec2f1f/about

Correct ways to contact a creator if you need to.

Most creators write at their profile how to contact with them. Some say do not speak to me speak to my manager. Some say no im only notecards. If those seems rude to you it does not matter, if you need their help follow their rules.

Always no matter what, write in a polite way so you get the help you need and always follow their rules on how to ask for their help.

If you have pay for something and you do not have it try first the redelivery. If it is from their shop try there, if it is from marketplace it has a redelivery there too.

If you need any kind of help for something you pay for- send them your prove of your payment and the exactly name of the item.  The money prove can be found if you login to sl web page and see where is says Home then Account and it has an arrow click it and then chose from there the Transaction History, that’s where you can see what you pay for.

Do not waste their time by saying I need help without saying exactly what the problem is and what item is for and without showing, you have pay for it first.

Do not scream or threat them or be rude you will only get them mad and they will not help you.

Always try the demo first always. Some reasons are not going to be refunded because you can see them in the demo.

Always read the picture vendor and their rules before you buy and at marketplace always read the description to see what you are getting before you buy.

If they have a mail box at their shop use it too even if you have send a notecard. Sl eats if you have many message in one day eats most of them.

Give them time to login and speak to you, we all have our real life and so many things can come up and make us unable to login for days.

If you do not get any help after waiting for 2 weeks and you have send 2 times your notecard in case its gone (one each week)and went to the shop to see if they have a mail box too, then write your bad review. NOT BEFORE YOU DO ALL THOSE THINGS = you will be the rude person if you do without trying to talk to them first.


Do not take out your negative feeling on them go for a walk, throw cold water on your face first, calm down.

Yes, they are some creators that will treat you rude with no reason just because they are rude people or get their bad day on you. Just do not shop from them and leave one star saying they talk to you so rude and move on. Do not let it make your day bad.  Let karma do its job on them not on you!!:DDD


Boards that give gifts, what are they, how they work.

In sl you can find many different ways a gift is given to you. That’s why I am going to try and explain some of those ways so you can know how to play and win!:DD

There are Lucky letter or lucky chairs. The diversity is that Lucky letters boards you click on them and chairs you need to sit on them when your name letter comes in order for you to win the gift.

Both do the same thing: they have time to when the next letter will come out, they both show letters, both have gifts and picture of the gift you can win.

Now, when a letter comes it has to be the first letter of you first name not your last name. Example: my name is kalliopi Ziplon so if a board or a chair has the letter K all I need to do is run to click on the board or sit on the chair before someone else does that has the same first letter than me because only one gets it the first one the fastest one.

Some boards or chairs they may ask you to wear a specific group in order to win if your letter comes up.

In some, you can see numbers because some people use a number to their first name but not all of them have that.

In some shops when the time is out and a new letter comes out the gift change too. If they have many gifts in them, they may be set to come out in a random way or in an order way.


Lets go Midnight Mania boards.

To those boards you may need to wear a specific group.

On the board, you will see a number and then this symbol \ and another number or zero’s . Example: 100\…. or 100\00 or 100\5.  (Not all boards will have 100, some will have less or more)

Now what those numbers means:

The 100 means that 100 people must click on the board so their name will be in it and when those 100 names are fill then and only then the gift will be send to all of those 100 people.

The other number show how many have click and add their name so you will know how many are left and much add their names so you can get the gift. Just call your friends to click to get the number fill ahahahah

Some board are set to give the gift until midnight and if the number it ask is not fill then it starts all over again and no one gets the gift. Some other boards stay online until it gets all the names it needs to get to send the gift no matter how long it will take it to get them.

When you won the gift, you will see it coming to you no matter where you are and a local massage will appear too. Make sure to accept it hahaahhahaah. If you decline it by mistake some shop have a board near by the board it gives the gift that can give you the missing gift .


Another board is the ONE OUT OF MANY board.

It has the same look as the Midnight Mania board but when it says 100\….. it means that 100 people must click and add their name so then and only then the board will chose one person and only one person of those 100 and send the gift. So not all of the names will get it. That’s why those boards you see a small number and not a big one like 100.

That’s it guys for this post I hope it was helpful

Another amazing creative way to get free quality stuff is by learning to be a blogger. :DD

What a blogger does:

First of all have a good looking avatar.

Explore or ask in groups for cool places where you can pose and blog the items you got from creators.

Learn about taking good pictures in sl. So many tutorials to read about it.

Even if you do not have people to follow your work , make a free page somewhere so you can show your work.

If you are new, many creators will like to support you and give you their work.

If they ask you to pay for the clothes you will blog do not do it especial if you work for free.  That’s my opinion.

If they want you to help them promote their work by putting the pictures, you take to as many facebook- flickr –other sl groups you have the ok to post, the least they can do is give you the items FREE.

If you become very good and you can find creators to pay you to blog for them do it!

Bloggings is for those that love to wear things and take good picture of them wearing them! It should be fun time but the creator that gives you free their hard work will expect you to do good pictures and promote them.

The pictures you will take they need to show the item you are blogging for not show you or your face.

If you want to leave from a creator be polite and tell them, do not take their work and leave just like that its so rude. So many say they are bloggers ask for many clothes take them and leave without blogging them. That is stealing you know, it is. You stole someone’s hard work.

How to say hello I am a blogger I want to find creators to work with? Go to the forum of sl to the topic about it and say it. Go to groups at facebook that you see creators post their work and say it. Make a nice poster about it and post it to as many groups as you can. Go to shops and send them a notecard with your page so they can see some of your work, if you are new get pictures of your clothes as an example. Many creators post posters in those groups asking for bloggers.

Before you say ok to a creator, make sure you know what they want you to do and you are ok with it.

That’s it for this post hahaahahahah I try to make them short but useful.

Polls how important they are not only to the creator but also to you as a shopper.

I see in many facebook groups people complain that their needs are not been listen from creators.

Alternatively, how can they see something they want to buy to be made?

However, when creators do polls and ask your help to help them understand your needs better you do not help.

Why? Why so many people all they want is to complain and only complain? Act too.

So many complain about things a shop has when they come in and they find it annoying but they never ever do the poll that the creator ask so he or she can see what change to make in their shops.

I have ask so many times  my group members to see pictures on future clothes and tell me what they like so I can upload and make then and what they hate and from 5000 members only 4 did it.

I ask them to tell me what they will like to see out there that is missing……. Or what is annoying or missing from my shop so their time can be more fun…..

Do not ask only for free gifts, help too.

Don’t you like to have a voice and say what things you like or hate?

For example at my small easy anonymous poll I ask things that will help me to improve how I run my shop so I can have less annoying things to people who pop up 😀

I have 31 people that have taken those 2–3 minutes to do it.

Speak up by doing those polls.

Not all polls are boring, long, that takes a lot of your time, and even if it takes 5 minutes if you want to change things go do them.

Now lets talk about one of the most important tool sl gives you so you can speak up to creators about their work.

When you buy something from marketplace, you can leave a review about it so others will know what to expect.  This can be use correct or as a hate unfair way. Its very important for all of us to learn how to use it and to use it.

Do not use it only to say the bad things its not fair, use it when you like or when what you pay for was as it say it must be.

This tool is so:

1). if something is missing and you wrote to the creator by a notecard and an im and you never got help after 1-2 weeks to go and write what the problem is and that you never got help.

2). If you buy something and it is as it say it must be go and tell a thank you, we need that so we can keep working with a smile in our face. It helps us know if people like our work. We spend all our sl time working.

3). When you need to write a bad review because you never got the help and the item is broken, write exactly what the problem is.

What this tool is not for:

1). Write a bad review before you try to speak to the creator. Yes, I know sometimes only when you leave a bad review the creator will reply back to you I have done it but change it when I got the help I needed.  Always write first a notecard and an im and let a few days or a week to pass before you write the bad review. Not all creators come online every day some come at weekend only or their pc can be broken so give sometime.

2). No matter how mad you are, do not be rude or write hate things but write exactly what the problem is. How can a hate rude words can help others to know what is wrong with this item? It only say a lot on what kind of person you are.

3). Write a hate review because you hate the creator or you sale the same item and you want to make them look bad so people can buy from you.

Hugs to all of you until my next topic :DD

What is hunts?

It’s a fun way to spend your time in sl if you are bored of the same old same. You get to learn about new shops and you get “gifts”. Not all hunts the hunt gifts are free to take them, some cost 1L or more.

Those that organize them, some are shop owners, some are people who love to organize hunts.  Some do them to bring more people to their place so more people will learn about their work. All hunts have rules that the shopper must follow in order to be accepted.

Some shops make small hunts just for their shop but most hunts have 50 or 100 shops that you will go to hunt.

Each shop gives a picture of the gift they give and a hint.

What is a hint? It’s a help so you will know where to look. I will put 2 examples to help get an idea of what hints looks like.  First example: oo my feet hurts so much I need to sit and rest = here you will be looking for anything in the shop and if it has am outside look there too for anything you can sit and rest.  Second example is: oo my feet hurts those shoes are so bad = here you need to look for anything that is a shoe, a picture with shoes, an item that is a shoe…. Some hints tho are so bad that do not help you at all.

There is always a web page where all the pictures of the gifts and landmarks and hints are been post so you can view them.

Each shop have the hunts poster and on it is the hunt item you will be looking and in that hunt item is the gift.  Some shops near the hunt poster they have the hint and a picture of their gift.

Most hunts last 30 days. They are 2 web pages that all hunts are posted there so you can apply as a shop or go hunt.


Try them at least once its worthy 😀

How to dress well and free or almost free.

Hahaha yes you can do that too in sl :DD

I know how hard it is to be bulled because you look bad and not a mesh avatar. We have our real life that we have to put up with people who treat us bad because they may be our bosses.

Sl must be a place to relax, meet people and have fun and not a place to be mad or sad in any way.  So that’s the reason I am writing this post, hoping that can add a smile to some of you by helping you enjoy sl even more!!:DD

Let’s start.

First of all I need to say this because as a creator I have to deal with it a lot.  Too many out there are spoiled by our free good quality gifts we give and they are so rude, so demanding, and so ungrateful.

Please do not become one of them.

We spend time and money to create those free group gifts and we deserve better.

If you do not like a free gift delete it do not become rude about it.

Stop asking for more free gifts to a creator when you do not buy for them.

When I am having a bad day and I get an im from someone asking me to make more gifts or will you make more than one monthly free group gift or I want the color hud why not give it in the free box and you have to sale it or this item that you sale I want it as a free gift………. It makes me mad it really does. It makes me feel that the world is so full of selfish people who do not care of the hard work and the afford you put to make them smile.  I do not think I am the only one that feels like that when an im like those above hit their profile.  If I am well then that’s me:PPPPPPPP

Well now that I said it lets go to the fun positive part of this post yeaaaaa come on follow me!!

When you create your account sl gives you the option to choose an avatar to start with, well you may have chosen one of them but as soon as you get in to sl you can use all of them. Yes yes yes!! You can use the hair or skin or shape or clothes so you can look better, mix them up as you like. Here is how to find them: go to your viewer menu up left to AVATAR menu then go to CHOOSE AN AVATAR and then a window will open with all the free avatars, wear them so they can show up at your inventory and keep what you like from each one of them! It may change in the future on how to find them or stop giving this option but for now, it works.

Another way is to visit those blogs that post all the group gifts and freebies out there. They are many, I do not know them all but google it to be sure you got them all. At their post, they write how to get the gift.  Write these key words in google: freebies in sl – it will show you many blogs and pages full of free stuff. I will add a few of them but I do not get anything by posting them I am not sponsor them in any way. Some I use them too when I have a free group gift, some I learn from others that they are out there.

At marketplace, you can find bazaar items as well or even free ones. Bazaar sales for 1L,2L.

They are hunts that have free gifts too. ( I will talk about them in another post)

You can become a blogger. ( I will talk about them in another post)

Some places in sl have free stuff and they work as helper points too. I know a few from asking around and in some of them I have given free clothes there to help new people.

* Raizes do Brasil – Community Gateway, Raizes do Brasil (137, 85, 23) – Moderate

* Helping Haven Gateway =

* Freebies Warehouse – Clothes and Fitting Rooms =

* LONDON CITY – Soho & Regent’s Park  – free stuff =


* AJUDA SL BRASIL – Voluntarios – Gateway – CGP – free stuff =

Not all group gifts or freebies are out there forever, many of them have expired date so you need to hurry and get them.

In some events, you can find many free stuff too. Most of my hair are from the hair event!!!!! I went 2 times (2 years) and I got so many amazing hair, I do not know if they still have free gifts or not but in some events they do.

They are the advent calendar (,, ) where the shop post how they will give gifts at xmas or other holidays.


I am hoping this helps even a little to all of you, to be more familiar with the ways you can improve your looks and feel more happier in sl!Hugs

Ways to earn linden in sl

I see in many Facebook and in world groups so many users asking how to earn money.

Let’s face it, not all can put real life money in sl.

Some they do have but they are afraid of hackers so they do not give their bank accounts and they are so many that they do not have money to put and they do not need the reminder on how poor they are.

They have their real life to remind it to them and any online “game” must be a place to relax and stop all the negative thoughts we do in our real life.

They may be more ways but those are the ones I know.

If you know of any other ways please let me know so I can add them. :DD

If working is not the way you want to earn lindens because you work hard in real life and all you want is to have fun in sl then you need to have plenty of patience because those ways takes time.

Raffles boards:

Those are like a game. Many shops, clubs, or events have them. In some you need to add their place to your pics, its not that bad if you consider you get to win money that they work hard to get. Most ask you to join their group too. If you have to add their place to your pics you need to know that it takes 24 hours for sl to know you have made the add so do it let 24 hours to pass and then go back to add your name.

Those boards choose one name in a random way and gives to that person the money.  Some boards have rules like you need to be there when it will give the money or you need to be  2 months old as an account or who knows what else ahahahahahah.

Always respect the rules and think that someone is giving money out of their hard work so the least you can do is respect their rules.

Where to find them? Well ask in groups.

I have one in my shop. Its free to join (free group and I do have rules on the board like add my place to your pics, be more than 30 days account) I give every day to one name 100 linden so each week they are 7 people as winners and you can add your name only one time per game so it is fair to all.

Gold bar:

Hunting game – Collect gold bars and get free money

Here is the link from the marketplace where you can get the free hud that will show you where you can find gold bars that give money: and it will explain to you how this work.

You can play many games:

With cards or other kind of games and win a few lindens.

I was never good on playing them haahahahahahahahah I use to have friend that got to win their rents for years ahahahahahahahahah

There is the fishing game too.

In some places if you stay there you, win linden too

Alternatively,  you can play games that ask you questions

They are other places who want traffic so if you click on some items and wait for the hours or minutes the games ask you, you earn money as well.

There are some games sl have and you earn money there too.

Here is a place where it may be easier to find those places:

And here it’s a way to see what kind of ways its out there to win linden:

Those games change as time goes, some stop working and others come out.

Now if you do want to work to earn lindens you can go to the forum: and you will find a topic where people write when they need people to work for them or a topic where you can write you want to work and what skills you may have.

Of course asking around or looking at facebook posts will help too.

Now what kind of a job you may find if you are lucky:

A dancer: dancing near the dj or dancing to a poll in an adult place and you get tips from people.

A host: welcoming people in to clubs or shops or places and you get tips and you may get payed from the owners if you are very good and people come to their place because of your skills to make them feel welcome.

A dj: you need to learn how to use a dj program from YouTube videos or google for tutorials. Then you can play music and get tips

Work as a striper and get payed from tips

Learn how to make stuff and sale them:

Gestures, tattoos, buildings, clothes, fabrics, pictures for creators, scripts and so on. You can find tutorials if you google them.

You need to explore sl a lot to find those things or you may be lucky when you ask to groups to find something that have just open.

I hope I am not forgetting something ahhaahahahah

Never be too shy to ask in a polite way in groups especial in Facebook groups where the owners will not be mad if you go and ask.

Hugs to you all and do not worry you can still have fun in sl without money, all it takes is a good mood and lots of exploring, sl have amazing places to see :DDD

Do you want to stay always up to date on what new is out for sale on marketplace?

Do you want to stay always up to date on what new is out for sale on marketplace?

This tip if you do not know it already will help you on that.

Shopping from MP has some positive things that you cannot have if you shop at the in world shops: no lag for start, easy to find what you want by the use of key words (if you use the correct ones you can end up with only what you are looking for if not you will be closer to what you are looking for) and you can leave a review.

Now lest go to this tip, I use it all the time so I will know what full perm clothes are out, I use as a key word the mesh body I think is most popular and I open the links to see almost every day or at least once per week.

At the page of the marketplace at the left side you have the category, if all you want to be up to date is clothes then choose apparel and if you want to see on dresses or any other specific part and not all the clothes then choose it.

If you want to see, everything new then leave it to “All categories” from up left where is says, “Search in”.

When you will be exactly where you want to be then from the right side before the picture of the products start you have “items per page” and next is the “Sort by:” use the arrow and choose “Age: Newest First” and that is it! So easy!:DD

Now if you want something only for the mesh body you use then write now as a key word the name of your body.

Mark the page and open it at least once per week and you will always know what is new for sale!!Yeaaa!!