Greyed Out

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Wow SL was a lagfest today when I tried to go shopping but after taking the graphics down to zero I got through, survived and bought some gorgeous things too! I’ll try and blog of some later as I really like the outfit I am wearing today for my shopping expedition and wanted to blog that!

Greyed Out

My skin and the vest/gillet are both from this weekends Fifty Linden Friday event from Glam Affair and DCNY respectively. Both are great wintery items and perfect for those of us who want to remain a bit festive, enjoy the wintery weather and also still look a teeny bit Christmassy!

My pose is one of a set that is currently available at The Dressing Room Fusion. I haven’t poses for a while and am very lucky to be sent them as a blogger but I tried these out and thought they would be perfect…

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Pink Lady

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I’ve had a big blog update today to catch up on the items that are available at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room for just a couple more days so this will be a short and sweet post I think.

Pink Lady

I’m wearing a dress by MINT! which made me feel like getting dressed up in some girlie pinks and this is available at the Cosmo Sales Room. It comes in several pattern/colour combinations but this was my favourite so had to be blogged.

I then raided my blogging folder to find suitable pink items to go with the outfit and found quite a few items from a few old events that I didn’t manage to blog before but the credits are below just in case you can find them in store.

Happy Saturday!

Pink Lady Collage

The Outfit
Hair: *Milk* Hair~ Miss Frost *Blondes*
Skin: -Glam Affair – Gemma 02 @ The Arcade (December)

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The name of this post is inspired by the singer Lorde which is also the name of the skin that I am wearing by Essences!

This song gets stuck in my head quite a lot if I hear just a snippet of it. The skin was available at the last round of Dressing Room Fusion.

I also chose this name for the post because of the beautiful Bali dress that I am wearing by FINESMITH for the current round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. The dress comes with a very nicely made belt and Collar which are the perfect accessories for this lovely dress. The dress comes in 12 different colours so there are lots to choose from and more than likely your favourite colour will be there 🙂

My pose is again the Victoria set by Quintessencia for the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. I think it really suits the casual…

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<3 Cosmo Sales Room

Lexia's Mutterings

As the current round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room draws to a close I thought it would be a good idea to show you a few of the itmes that are available before the sales end.

&lt;3 Cosmo Sales Room

My top is by Ninety and is hud driven so you can change the pattern on the front between one of five very cute options. I also like the neckline with the dropped shoulder as this is a very cute shape.

Ninety- T-shirt Under whit Hud

My nails are by Quintessencia and are Slink applier layers. They are available for fingers and toes so you can have a matching pedicure and manicure and I think the pattern is very pretty and feminine.

Also from the Cosmo Sales Room is my pose by Quintessencia. There are 5 poses available both as the usual posing animations in SL but also as pose balls to help with those moments where your feet…

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Hello 2014

Lexia's Mutterings

So 2014 is here, I hope you had a brilliant NYE and are not feeling too sore on New Years Day! I have been to the shop and bought my hangover solution – Coca Cola, a Mars Bar and some salty crisps, works every time!

Hello 2014

Have you made any New Years Resolutions? I haven’t made a conscious decision for any but am thinking I really want to blog more regulalry, I forget how much I enjoy it when i have a break and then love it all over again so I will try and be a better blogger this year I think.

I put today’s outfit on yesterday and when I logged back in today I still loved it so had to blog it.

I love the coat especially which is by (Elate!) at the current round of the Arcade Gacha. It came in a colour block version as well…

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Slebrity Street Sale Number 6

Lexia's Mutterings

Slebrity Street Sale

It’s Tuesday again already and so it’s another round of Slebrity Street Sale on the Slebrity sim which also homes the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.

My lovely dress is by Liv Glam for the street sale and is available for just $50L on Tuesday SL time. After midnight just like Cinderalle the dress will turn back in to a full price item so you need to visit today. The dress is available outside the Liv Glam store on the sim.

My pose is by Sup Poses and available from the current round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Sup poses has a huge bunch of poses available and from those I have tried so far I am really impressed because they are all very different but will also suit a variety of outfits/looks/themes for your photos and blogs.

I’m also wearing some glasses by *Toe* that are available at the Soho Market…

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You Know It

Lexia's Mutterings

You Know It

I’m still adjusting to working RL so finding the evenings quite tiring, also I had to get up at 4.30am this morning so starting to feel the tiredness creep in which means this post will be quite short but sweet.

My Jumper is by TOMGA for the current round of the Soho Market. It comes in nine different colours and is a gacha item. I love the cuteness of the sweater and the texture is really realistic looking just like its been hand knitted.

My tattoo is by SOURIRES Tattoos for the new round of Perfect Wardrobe which is/has about to open. This round is Designer’s Choice so your going to find lots of awesome items from the designers. I wore it with my *Boom* lingerie from TDR Fusion as the lingeries super super cute but also shows of the tattoo nicely.


My jeans are by – Quintessencia – for…

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