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D E T A I L S:
.::Supernatural::. Mallory Holed Hearts Rings
ieQED soiree.ring {store closed}
ISON – kylie dress @ Uber
NX-Nardcotix Antia Sneakers @ Uber
Patane. Patanecomposit4.0 Gold
tram G1025 hair
Pseudo– Wilsons Flowers Scene RARE (taken at Backdrop City)

For those of you who are more adventurous, I’ve recorded a Vlog as a companion to this blog post. View it here and if you leave a comment, please be kind and understanding – it’s my first vlog.  😜 The same goes for the thumbs up/thumbs down thingy too!!

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Linda Reddevil's Blog

There’s been some chatter lately among my friends and colleagues about the age-old topic of “SL Modeling” and what happened to it and why it happened and how we can bring it back to it’s glory days.

A few of us are in agreement that while SL Modeling isn’t quite dead and buried yet, it is at a point that it will never recover and reach the peak it had such a short time ago. There are so many different reasons and arguments about this but that is not my point of my post today. My one regret, dismay and disappointment that has culminated in the realization that SL Modeling will never, ever be the same again, is the camaraderie I had with my fellow models.

We had fun going to shows and supporting our model friends. We had fun being in shows, too. We formed friendships and respect for…

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