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I hadn’t realized it until I decided to post these pics of outfits I styled a week or so ago, but I’m wearing a lot of black & white this week including the post I did a few days ago.  Normally, I’m wearing colors but heck, there’s nothing wrong with shaking things up every so often.  Gotta just go with the flow.

D E T A I L S:
Top 2 pics:
Just Magnetized -Sleek Hairbase
Shiny Stuffs Cheek Shimmer
.: Vive x Merch :. LaBella Mafia Crop Coat @LEVEL
alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails for Legacy
ISON – cropped turtleneck sweater
SPIRIT – Malu Skirt @Uber
[BREATHE]-Stargirl Boots-M.Lara-White
[Dreamlight] “Lyle” Bento Rings

Bottom 2 pics:
::SG:: Alina Shoes
Aurealis Jewellery. Kiara Earrings
Blueberry – Alicia – Pants – Low Cut – Cutiebootie
Clef de Peau.NightOut Top ZigZag
Exile:: Alibi
JAM – Nails Mesh LEGACY R…

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Treat Your Heart Like A Turnstile And Only Open It To Those With A Valid Ticket

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I recently received an invite to blog for an event in SL and I just want to say that it’s small things like that, that makes blogging worthwhile (thank you Tinker H). The Anthem Event is an excellent monthly event with quality items and participating designers.  Today’s blog features some items from the Anthem venue but I want to clarify that I had already purchased the items on my own before being offered the invite to blog.  That just goes to show how well I like the venue and I hope you do too if you haven’t visited before now. You can find a link below.

D E T A I L S:
(NO) Quilted Bustier – Tee & Bra
**UTOPIA@Design** – “MOLLY” @Uber
*COCO*_OversizedBikerJacket @Uber
Frayed – Dallas Pants @Anthem
LaGyo_Pretty in Punk – Nose Ring
MINIMAL – Birthday Glasses
Moon. Hair…

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Is It Winter If There Is No Snow?

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Here in Central New York we’ve had an incredibly warm winter so far.  Two days ago the temperature was 50 degrees!  That’s just not normal for the beginning of January and while I’m really not a fan of the winter season in general, it needs to get colder and a little snowier so that we can appreciate the Spring so much more!  In the meantime, I’m keeping busy sifting through my inventory for some older items that I can integrate with my new finds and wear as BOM.  I’m having such fun with it.

For instance the stockings I’m wearing in the pic are from my all time favorite stocking store No. 9 Nylons. Being able to wear my old hosiery and socks is just plain exciting. I’m glad I never trashed them!  At the same time, some things can’t compare to the detail in the newer items such as…

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Eventful Holidays

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Earlier this month I was invited to participate as a judge in the Miss Virtual Universe beauty pageant and, of course, I couldn’t just show up wearing any old thing. I styled up the gold outfit first but a friend thought it looked too Christmasy for a judging panel. So she gave me ideas from a Vogue website and I came up with the elegant black outfit which could really be worn for any occasion. I loved both outfits so much, though, that I wanted to share the looks. Happy New Year everyone and thank you so much for your support and visits to my blog during 2019. Here’s to a happy and successful 2020!

Gold Outfit:
DOUX – Cristal Hairstyle
FAKEICON / glace hand gems
FAKEICON / mary gems collar
ISON – bow wrap dress
LaGyo_Macro Bow Headpiece
LaGyo_Micro Bag
LaGyo_Ruffle Earrings
[Gos] Pepper Ankle Boots – Metallic

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Sometimes it’s Good to be a PackRat

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I wouldn’t exactly say I’m late to the BOM party but this past week I decided to commit to it and I hunkered down and did just that.  The main reason I waited is because my main skin creator hadn’t released the body skin in BOM.  I think this is what throws me off, though.  Years ago when we wore “skins” it would cover us all over from head-to-toe.  Now there is a separate tattoo for the head and yet another skin for the body and you have to wear one before the other or the neck won’t match.  That is the downside to all things BOM that I can see.  I have lots more positives.

What a joy it is to be able to wear eye shadows and blush again! I can wear my old freckles again too. Being a redhead, I have a vast collection of freckles that…

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