The Bag Lady

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I’m lucky enough to blog for two of THE best accessories designers on the grid – LaGyo and Kunglers. They’ve both been around for years and still they manage to come up with “gotta have” accessories to make our SL fashion looks complete. Both designers have different styles so I’ve wanted to combine their accessories for a complete look and here is what I came up with.

As for the Bag Lady title? I happened to be somewhere in SL and two female avies were joking that I was going to hit them with my bag. In a way, I wish I could have for reasons I won’t disclose here but it is true that the bag is a large one. This bag was also a HUGE hit when LaGyo released it back in 2011 for sale at The Dressing Room event. I think TDR was the start of events…

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Common Ground

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As I was just about done with the photo taking, my sissy poo and good friend Tosha Bergan asks “how did we even become friends?”.  We were talking on Skype, or rather Tosha was doing most of the talking because I was concentrating on the lighting and moving us around. The two of us finally were able to get together last Friday after months of either having other things to do or just missing each other in SL.

I choose “vintage” for our theme because one of the events earlier this past summer had the shrug I’m wearing and the pattern reminded me of vintage clothing. While you’ll usually find me in more modern clothing, I like to dress up in lace and delicate patterns every now and then too. Tosha chose a more modern vintage look and it contrasts so well with my old style vintage look. There’s nothing…

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