You Can’t Be Gorgeous Every Day

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It’s good to be back and therapeutic to be blogging again in SL! I can’t even imagine the clothing & events I’ve missed. I also lost one of my sponsors after contacting them beforehand that I’d be away. It’s sad but it’s only fair to give my spot to someone else who’d be able to blog while I was away. Hopefully, there’ll be a spot open again for me once I can blog more. To my other wonderful sponsors who let me stay, despite my time way, I want to say thank you, thank you ♥♥.

I’m a little out of practice blogging and taking pics and if you look closely, you’ll see that my eyebrows haven’t rezzed for the camera. LOL As my mother used to say “you can’t be gorgeous everyday”.

D E T A I L S:
.random.Matter. – Momo Earring – Mojito
.random.Matter. –…

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Hello, It’s Me

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I’ve been away from Second Life blogging for awhile due to my RL job so I’m reintroducing myself to those of you who thought I left Second Life for good and introducing myself to those new bloggers I haven’t met yet.  Also, today, I wanted to thank Feedspot for selecting my blog as one of the Top 40 Second Life Fashion Blogs. That’s a huge deal for me especially since I haven’t posted anything in a few months.  It’s so awesome to be recognized!

As the tax time deadline in the U.S. comes to a close in a few weeks, I’ll be back to post more – much more than the 3 posts a month as the Feedspot site declared.   In the meantime, feel free to look around my blog.  Don’t forget to the hit the ‘Follow Me’ button too.

Hair: [BAD HAIR DAY] – Bousni

Spring is in…

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Old Yellow

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Yes, I know it’s winter and I shouldn’t be wearing white but I’m cleaning up some outfits that I created that I hadn’t blogged yet so bear with me. So I’m hopping on the Backdrop City topic (sort of) by taking a pic there and using it in my blog post today. Notice folks that I’ve given credit at the end of the post!!

I hadn’t heard of the place until a friend directed me to a hot topic on Facebook which then found its way to the SL Secrets website. All I’m going to say is that I think the place is a great idea and I’m happy to see that there are still places like this in SL.

When I first started out as a SL model and needed to take contest photos or blog photos, I’d use places just like Backdrop City to take my photos. They…

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I wore this sweater a few blog posts ago but in all honesty, I had put together this outfit before the one I ended up posting. I never deleted this ensemble in my outfit folder because I really did like it a lot. The sweater by COCO Designs is so versatile that I probably could pair it with quite a few other designs and create posts for them as well but I’ll stop after this one.  At least for a few months, anyway. 😜

It’s so cold here in the eastern part of the U.S. (where I live) that this sweater is so inviting and I’m wishing I had one just like it in RL. Normally, I’m never cold but with this arctic air and snow we’ve been getting the past few weeks, I’m almost tempted to pack up and move to a warmer climate.  Then when Spring comes along, I’ll…

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New Year

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Welcome to 2018! Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year celebration and yes, I know we’re 5 days in, but this is my first post of 2018.  Hard to believe I’ve been blogging now for almost 8 years!  Reminiscing is for another blog post, though.

You might want to hurry to get this beautiful gown “Sophia” from MVD at Tres Chic and jewelry by LaGyo at C88 before this round ends. There’s not much time!

D E T A I L S:
.::MVD::. Sophia Gown @ Tres Chic
LaGyo_Aldis Jewelry @ C88
RAMA – #selfie_RAMA Marble Stairway Backdrop
Whole Wheat String Lights

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