The Artful Troll

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Last week I was searching for something on YouTube and, as what usually happens, something other than what I searching for popped up. The video dealt with Second Life so, of course, I was intrigued and pressed play. The video was about this girl, Lavender Storydel, who trolls people in Second Life (and now Sansar). While I certainly don’t condone trolling in SL, or any social network platform, I found the videos to be entertaining, humorous and also enlightening – and the reasons why are below.

As I watched the first few videos of Lavender trolling people, I was annoyed but the more I watched the more I found some of the predicaments she found herself in, humorous. You can even hear her laughing at some of the things she says to people and their replies. The more videos I watched, one thing became perfectly clear and that was how…

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Old dog – new tricks – you know the drill

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I’m learning a new viewer again.  I’ve used 2 of them already including the official viewer and then Firestorm.  I decided to try to learn Black Dragon, only for photography, and it takes some getting used to because there’s a whole lot of choices to make when taking your photo.

So many choices, in fact, that when I snapped 2 of these pics for this blog post using Black Dragon, I hadn’t even realized that my resolution was on a low setting.  So those 2 pics are a little fuzzy this time around but that’s how one learns by making mucho mistakes.  Firestorm was no picnic when I started using that viewer either. This old dog is up for the challenge. Girl power and all that jazz.

(The next pic was taken using Firestorm so while it’s better resolution, the brightness and background is different.)

D E T A I…

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My Sentiments Exactly

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Three weeks ago I was still riding my bike and, what seemed like overnight, the temperatures plummeted, the clocks changed and it started to get dark way too early at 5pm. To top it all off I got a sinus infection too.  I love Fall, I really do, but I am not a fan of Winter.  When I set out to take my pics for this post I came across a little penguin holding his sign (see below) and I thought I couldn’t say how I feel about winter any better than that!

D E T A I L S:
#EMPIRE – Almond Nails – Medium *Maitreya*
alme. Glitter Vivid Polis
**UTOPIA@Design** – “NIKO” @Uber
. Hanzel . – Sucuby Glasses
.: vive nine :. Lil Monogram Bandeau & Cardi @Uber
BTTB vogue hair #2 @Kustom9
Emery Crown Legging Black for Maitreya Body Lara
LaGyo_Charlaine Long Earrings @Anthem

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Vive Nine 3Play

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Oh, I’m so late in posting these because I took some SL time off.  I needed it!  No matter how much time I’ve been away, though, these fashions will never go out of style. Enjoy and if you like what you see, by all means, head to the stores and grab the fashions for yourself.

D E T A I L S:
Top Photos:
.: ryvolter :. Tarzana Midi Coat
.:B:. DEX Nude Crossbody Purse
28LA. Frisky Feline Bodysuit PUMPKIN
BLOOM – BROWN Nail Polish
EarthStones Chandraki Earrings – Gold Tigers Eye (old item)
Moq Design Cigarette (old item)
MULLOY – Joyous Glasses
P.C; Multi-strand Smokey Quartz Necklace
pr!tty – Yoomi
[BREATHE]-Miyuri Heels-M.Lara-Hazelnut

Middle Photos:
.: vive nine :. Nani Ribbed Maxi (legacy) – Olive
Aurealis. Mood Choker.
Foxy – Plush.
Lowen – Mia Laced Sandals [MAITREYA]
MINIMAL – Boho Rings…

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