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I haven’t gone away but I won’t be blogging as much as I normally do due to the always hectic tax season in the U.S. I’ll be preparing taxes for people in lieu of blogging in Second Life. I don’t even think I have to tell you which I’d rather be doing but something has to support my shopping habit in SL the rest of the year! HAHA  I will blog what I can, here and there, until April 15th and after that I’ll be back full force. Hugs to you all ♥♥

D E T A I L S:
(fd) Sequin Party Dress
DOUX – Samantha Hairstyle
LaGyo_Grace Earrings @Tres Chic
LaGyo_Grace Necklace @Tres Chic
PLASTIX – Frostbite Jacket
Backdrop: MINIMAL – Noble Skybox

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It’s That Time

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Unfortunately, tax season is just beginning in the U.S. and that means my blogging will be slowing down for a few months. I hate this time of year and honestly can’t wait until I the day I can retire. It’s too bad I still have awhile to go until I can do that. In the meantime, I’ll be busy in RL and wishing I could blog SL stuffs instead of preparing taxes.

I’ll blog when I can and thanks for sticking around and visiting when you can too!

D E T A I L S:
//Ascend// Mia Leggings
LaGyo_Gia Hand Clutch – Paloma
Ohemo – Bianca sunglasses
Tableau Vivant December

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Change of Heart

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I recently made a comment to someone, or maybe even on social media, that I wasn’t a huge fan of Truth Hair.  Okay, now wait a second.  I actually like Truth Hair styles and I have since I first shopped there back in 2010 but what I meant was that I wasn’t a fan of Truth’s red shades.  I had stopped buying hair there quite a few years ago because of it.

After someone mentioned that the shades had been updated quite awhile ago, I decided to visit Truth Hair again this past week.  Not only were the shades updated but there were a whole lot of styles that I fell in love with and purchased.  I also joined the VIP group.

Now I just need to get the word out to the RAMA Salon hair designers that their red shades, which really aren’t red, desperately need to be updated! …

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You Can Dress Us Up

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Another collab blogpost with my good friend, Tosha Bergan. It was her idea to put me into a gown for this post and I really have to say I loved this gown mainly for it’s unusual bodice. We have too few choices nowadays in Second Life for the unusual, or haute couture, so I enjoyed this gown for that reason.  Great idea Tosha! 👏

When it came to the gown, the only snag was that in the original ad for this gown the colors were red, black and what looked like purple.  The purple one was really the color I’m wearing which is “sea” or a seafoam color.  Hey, it still looked great alongside Tosha’s red gown but this is why it’s so important to make sure a windlight doesn’t change the color of an outfit.

D E T A I L S:
On Linda –
*elise* –…

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