.. Rydin …

... Rydin ...
~The Green Door  ~ Rydin Manor 20% Off now at Uber:
Rydin Manor is a 3-Story home with spacious front & back porches, a sunroom, 7 bedrooms, balcony, formal living room and a family room. This is the perfect home for a large family. It is The Green Door's largest home yet!
This home is very customizable. The control panel features a color change menu for exterior siding, shutters, floors & interior walls. Available in 2 versions, light trim or dark trim (windows, roof edges, balcony railings, etc)

LB_GiantBirch{4Seasons}*Animated 1
Skye Rocky Mounds Claw Base
Apple Fall Gravel Pathway 
..::THOR::.. Porch Bench - adult
..::THOR::.. Porch Hanging Plant - bonus
HPMD* Rabbit in Forest(sc)
HPMD* LittleBird in Forest 

… low light mood …

... low light mood ...
Versois et Mailloux Summa Time Dress FATPACK - (Reborn) - New *
VeM Summa Time Dress TROPICS NOIR - (Reborn)
VeM Summa Time Sleeves TROPICS NOIR - (Reborn)

VeM Summa Time Collection includes 3 items: Dress, [ Heels, & Pochette.(not shown)]
VeM Summa Time Dress is materials enabled & rigged for Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, & Kupra.
VeM Summa Time Heels are original mesh, materials enabled, & rigged for Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn, & Kupra. VeM Summa Time Pochette original mesh, materials enabled, resize on touch, & has 1 Bento hold. Each is available in 14 individual colours or 4 individual patterns. Fatpacks are also available.  All versions for the dress & heels are viewable in the demo. 

KUNGLERS - Esther rings

KUNGLERS - Pinah earrings

:: DS :: Cred Goggles #UBER
:: DeepStatic :: Cred Goggles (fit 2)

[Onyx] Savage Tattoo #district69
[Onyx] Savage Tattoo-you+me
[Onyx] Savage Tattoo- Arms  (Fresh)
[Onyx] Savage Tattoo-Lovely

ARNAUD Couture Charm Bag BLACK
ARNAUD Couture Charm Bag R3 - BLACK

[monso] Cali Hair /Mix & Pop #UBER
[monso] Cali Hair (xs)

MINIMAL - Futuristic Backdrop [no-walls]

… New Saba Shape …

... New Saba Shape ...

Everybody makes skins and shapes for Lelutka Avalon. But [ONYX] is one of those brands that creates for all body & head types. Saba, the new Belleza Event release is for Kaya, which happens to be one of my favorites! Matched with the new Zahra eyebrows found at the Grand Event I love this look. You will see more of her in my posts in the coming week. Until next time....

[ONYX] Saba Shape For LeLUTKA Kaya Head 3.1 #BellezaEvent
[ONYX] Saba Shape For LeLUTKA Kaya Head 3.1-Rebon (new)

[Onyx] Zahra Eyebrows @theGrandEvent
[ONYX] [Onyx] Zahra eyebrows shape
[Onyx] Zahra eyebrows -Black

[Onyx] She is Rare Tattoo 
[Onyx] She is Rare -Letter (M)

[Onyx] Love Blush (Group Gift)
[Onyx] Love Blush - Blush & Hearts Moles (50%)

KUNGLERS - Jaiska rings set
KUNGLERS - Jaiska rings

KUNGLERS - Vanda earrings #COSMOPOLITANexclusive
KUNGLERS - Vanda earrings -

VeM CL Daisy Heels Reborn HOUNDSTOOTH

.MILA. Nina Skin [04] LELUTKA EVOX
.MILA. Neck Blender EVOX [04]
.MILA. Nina EvoX [04] Browless
.MILA. Ears EvoX [04]

VELOUR: Ipanema Body for eBody Reborn - Curvy (Snow)

a.b - Iris MAKE-UP - BOM LeLu Evo X
a.b - Iris eyeshadow Evo X - Brown 60%

LeLUTKA Kaya Head 3.1 #christmasgift

REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4
REBORN Hud v1.69.4

Stealthic - Realness (Ombres)
Stealthic - Realness (S Head/L Breast)

Tres Blah - Ivy Lingerie Set - Fatpack 
Tres Blah - Ivy Bustier - Fatpack [Reborn]
Tres Blah - Ivy Panty - Fatpack [Reborn]

AG. Frost Eyes Pack 
AG. Frost Eyes - BoM - 03 - C

[piXit] Cute Curves - Pose Pack DISTRICT69

ANTINATURAL[+] Post-Human / Void Bathroom

… accessories …

...accessories ...
I have found the cutest little shop called Versois et Mailloux. Totally by chance during the 99L sale tour. The clothes are darling, but the shoes and bags are what I love most. Original mesh jewelry, shoes, handbags, and accessories and high fashion clothing. I do not know the owner personally; her name is Isabella Bellisserian. I don't really shop for clothes since I blog so often, but I'm curious to see what is new at Versois et Mailloux each week. This place definitely deserves look-see!

[Onyx] Savage Tattoo #District69
[Onyx] Savage Tattoo- Full 3 (Fresh)

:: DeepStatic :: Cred Goggles #UBER
:: DS :: Cred Goggles (fit 2)

FashionNatic - Maddy Set - Megapack #UBER
FashionNatic - REBORN - Maddy Overall Fatpack Colors

VeM Bad & Boujee Heels BLANC #99Sale
VeM Bad & Boujee Heels Reborn BLANC

VeM Signature Bag BLANC #SOSsale
VeM Signature Bag Bougee R BLANC

KUNGLERS - Jaiska rings set

- EARS VELOUR - lel EvoX  - SNOW

TRUTH Twist - Blonde #theSaturdaySale
TRUTH / Twist / Size 2

[Rezz Room] Box Schnauzer Adult Animesh FATPACK #UBER
[Rezz Room] Schnauzer Small Animesh (Companion)

Nutmeg. Gentle Melody Complete Set / add me
Nutmeg. Gentle Melody Record Player
Nutmeg. Nutmeg. Gentle Melody Wicker Pouf / Cuddles
Gentle Melody Bench PG / painted
Nutmeg. Gentle Melody Headphones

…blue & grey …

... blue & grey ...
[Onyx] Just Mood Tattoo #RebornEvent
[Onyx] Just Mood -Full (Fresh)

VINYL - Neo Night Skirt Pak Fatpak #UBER
Vinyl - MODESTY PANTIES - Ebody Reborn
VINYL - Neo Night Skirt - Ebody Reborn

VINYL - Neo Night Top Pak Fatpak #UBER
Vinyl - Neo Night Top - Ebody Reborn

KUNGLERS - Cailin necklace - main store
KUNGLERS - Cailin necklace

KUNGLERS - Jaiska rings set - main store
KUNGLERS - Jaiska L - Tonic

.: ryvolter :. Chantel Memoir Bag (prissy) - Denim/Med/Gold

[Glam Affair] Klaudia Skin [Lelutka EvoX] Basic Line 
[Glam Affair ] Klaudia - Blush 50%
[Glam Affair ] Klaudia - Brows Toner Black 100%
[Glam Affair ] Klaudia - Eye Makeup 1
[Glam Affair ] Klaudia - Lips Toner 1
[Glam Affair ] Klaudia - cheeks shadow 50%
[Glam Affair] Face Shadow 20%
[Glam Affair] Klaudia [Lelutka EvoX] Flower A
Glam Affair - Ears - Flower
Glam Affair - Klaudia Shape ( Raven )
Glam Affair - Klaudia Brows Shape

[Rezz Room] Box Schnauzer Adult Animesh FATPACK #UBER
[Rezz Room] Box Schnauzer Adult Animesh companion

Eudora3D Ezra Boots Denim Edition FATPACK / Boxed
Eudora3D Shoe Base
Eudora3D Ezra Boots DENIM (Reborn)

Lyrium. Early Spring Pose Gift
Lyrium. Hydrangea Crown Blue
Lyrium Early Spring Pose

PROMAGIC Emily Lip Jewel-Evo2EvoX


location: Lake Oblivion 

… whitaker …

... whitaker ...
~The Green Door~ Whitaker House
The Whitaker House is a two-story, 4 bedroom one bath (or bonus room) home

Little Branch_BirchShrub{Animated}4Seasons
GW Silver Birch Summer (no script)
:Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER Mountain F 512
Skye Pebble Beach set
~TDC~ Very Old RowBoat - non-stop swing
8f8 - Driftwood HAMMOCK
8f8 - Driftwood II - Follow me Urchins
ReKa. Wooden Chair Decor
TLC Seagull - Standing  -V1.12

… croquet anyone? …

... croquet anyone? ...
"Off-Line" x "Maison" Boots / Megapack #TRESCHIC
"Off-Line" x "Maison" Boots S / Fatpack / Reborn

VINYL - Lily Cardigan Pak Fatpak
VINYL - Lily Cardigan - Ebody Reborn

adorsy - Emery Skirt Fatpack #COSMOPOLITAN
adorsy - Emery Skirt Fatpack - Reborn

NOVA. Glow // GIFT
NOVA. Glow - L

~The Green Door~ Ashton House

*STARSUGAR* Croquet Set
*SS* Mallet (Red)  ADD - Click

(leaves) HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass01 (cy)

Garden by anc "hydrangea" R 4Li (blue)

(Fundati) Modern Fence II 

Botanical - Edged Brick Park Path

… off the coast …

... off the coast ...
KUNGLERS - Lais rings - Reborn

MOWIE - "Daeu" Dress #Kustom9
MOWIE - "Daeu" Dress [Reborn]

MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings #Access
MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings Left

[avarosa] Raven LeL EVO X Group Christmas Gift
[avarosa] Teeth Addon
[avarosa] Raven Skin (Brows) - Porcelain
[avarosa] Ears - Porcelain
[avarosa] Raven LeLutka Raven 3.1 Shape
[avarosa] Ren Eyes - LBlue 2
[avarosa] Ren Eyes L (Mesh)
[avarosa] Ren Eyes R (Mesh)

NOVA. Ellie // GIFT (unpacked)
NOVA. Ellie - S

*Tentacio* Summer is here Letter Board
Summer is here. Bag

location -Borkum

… beach wagon …

... beach wagon ...
[Onyx] Heaven Tattoo
[Onyx] Heaven Tattoo -Butterfly (Fresh)
[Onyx] Heaven Tattoo - Arm flowers (Fresh)

"Off-Line" x "Lucie" Set / Fatpack #Fameshed
"Off-Line" x "Lucie" Skirt / Fatpack / Reborn

:: DeepStatic :: Bella Sunglasses
:: DS :: Bella Sunglasses w/HUD

KUNGLERS - Lais rings - Reborn

MOWIE - "Esme" Mini bag WITH hud
MOWIE - "Esme" Mini bag V2 [Pose 2]

MOWIE - "Youra" Corset #Access
MOWIE - "Youra" Corset [Reborn]

MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings #Access
MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings Left
MOWIE - "Youra" Earrings Right

NOVA. Gigi // GIFT 

location: Borkum