Kink! "Live your Fantasy"

kink animalbackpack product page

Oh My gacha started on the 1st of July and is running until the 15th

Animal Back Packs come as Original Unrigged mesh with resize & Stretch scripts, 10 to collect 3 rares and 7 commons.

The summer time gacha comes with 7 common ice lolli’s/popsicles with suck/hold animation and 2 rares -Matching SLink nail Polish & Matching mesh nail dangles setup for slink but can be edited for any hands!! (All original Mesh)

kink summertimefungacha product page

Click the poster for your Ride!!

OMG - Oh My Gacha July 14'

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Dem Royal dimples tho!

Kink! "Live your Fantasy"

We have some new piercings hitting the shelves at Kink! this week.

Diamantè & Kink! Royal facial piercing comes as Original UnRigged Mesh with Resize & Multiple Texture Option HUD. Multiple texture options with every piece!  Every part can be changed to match your outfit or mood accordingly.

_Diamante__ Royal facial Piercing (Original mesh) Ad

Diamantè & {K} Facial Dimples Piercing (Original Mesh)

Both piercings come as Original UnRigged Mesh with Resize & Multiple Texture Option HUD. Multiple texture options with every piece!  Every part can be changed to match your outfit or mood accordingly.

Get yours at the Kink! Mainstore

Get yours on the Kink! marketplace

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OMG!! Mesh Gloves for SLink!

{K}_ Devour-hudded(Original mesh_Ad

Kink! "Live your Fantasy"

I know how much you all love your SLink appliers for gloves etc. Well what about if those gloves come in mesh?!

Uhuh, you read the title right… Kink! is on the forefront of SLink enhancement add-ons and we are happy to say we can now bring you mesh enhancements for the Hands as well as the Feet! I’m not going to bore you with all the details of how amazing these gloves look, how snugly they fit the hands or even how much more realistic they are than appliers… take a look at the pics below swing over and grab a demo and see for yourself!!

Devour Gloves for SLink hands come as exclusive original mesh and are rigged to fit the Ladies Casual hands, they also work perfectly with Elegant & Elegant 1 hand sets. They come in three sizes to fit which ever size hands you require. Devour…

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Cotton Candy Hunt.

Kink! "Live your Fantasy"

The Cotton candy hunt has started today!! We are number 96 on the list! There are a ton of amazing stores taking part in this hunt so make sure you give it a look. Our gift is one of our latest peircing and tattoos in collaboration with Diamantè. Sweettreats come as Original unrigged mesh ‘candy sprinkles’ microdermal piercing & a layer tattoo with ass applier hud. Piercing is mod so you can easily fit it to your choice of body. Also included is a mutli option texture hud so you can colour each piercing piece seperately.

_Diamante__ Sweettreats Piercing&tattoo (Original Mesh) Ad

Hint: Get it, Got It, Gone!

Come find me here

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Sun, fun, vacation & Sunglasses!!

Kink! "Live your Fantasy"

Hello my fellow SLer’s, designers, lovers/haters stalkers followers 😀 Geez the list is endless! The sun is shining, winterstorms/snow is finally a memory (for most of us) and Spring Break is here or was here xD. Yes I know I’m a little late :/ But things have been crazily hectic!! Anyway now I’m in the process of catching up here’s the 911 on another event we are in!

The Spring Break fair started on April 18th & will run until May 9th!!

Info: The Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale is a very popular vacation time.
From April 18th till May 9th we want to bring a flair of the American Spring Break into Second Life.
Our focus depends on tasty and classy fashion for the early summer from some of the best brands.

As is typical with these fairs, I was asked to provide an exclusive item for the fair (one that…

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