A perfect place to unwind after a long day. Featuring Bee Designs, Petit Chat, and unKindness

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Recently I decided to start over from scratch on my land and bought a new house and new outdoor landscaping, however the house has been sitting empty and I honestly didn’t even know where to begin.  I have so many beloved pieces and new things I have picked up over the last six months, and part of me wants to start over with all new things, but I can’t see that happening since I happen to have certain pieces I can’t live without.  However, when I unpacked the new release from Bee Designs for The Liaison Collaborative I decided the vintage theme was going to continue, as usual, but with a new living room!

A perfect place to unwind after a long day. Featuring Petit Chat, Bee Designs and unKindness

The Elise Living Room is a Gacha Collection, currently available at The Liaison Collaborative and comes with 11 commons and 2 Rares.  I love all the little cute decor pieces in this collection and I couldn’t…

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“As free as birds catching the wind.” Featuring Empyrean Forge, !!smesh and Desmonia

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

The last year and a half of my life has been like a topsy turvy whirlwind of strange ups and downs, weird health issues and LOVE.  After being single for a very long time, and handling things on my own, no matter how hard, I have come to realize that it doesn’t matter what life throws at you, it becomes easier when you have someone with which to share it.  I had become a bit resigned to being single for the rest of my life and had no intention of getting into a relationship, but to be honest, it was the best decision I never made!  My wonderful man and I were on the same page, and we were enjoying having someone to help make dinner for the boys and hanging out as friends when suddenly the universe jumped up with other plans for us.  So it wasn’t a decision…

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The start of a beautiful romance – Featuring IT! and Dafnis

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Lately I have been absolutely appalled at the body shaming and self hate that I have seen all over my Facebook page and other social media sites and I have become to question almost everything.  How far we have really come as a human race when HATE seems to be the prevailing emotion?  Where did the love go?  When did people start teaching their children to hate instead of LOVE?  The media would make you believe that body shaming is something of the past and that the definition of “fit” has changed, but with so many men and women continuing to hate their own bodies you have to wonder how much has really changed?  This body you live in every day is the ONLY one you get, and whether you are carrying too much weight, have scars, stretch marks, your lips are too big, or your ears stick out, you…

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Have a little fun down in Mexico – Featuring Bee Designs @ SaNaRae

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, if you happen to be in the States, I know I enjoyed a couple days of relaxation while the rest of the time was filled with work around the yard.  I happened to get some time on Saturday here at the computer and got to put together this fantastic scene featuring new releases from Bee Designs for SaNaRae!  Do yourself a favor and have a little fun down in Mexico and make every day a holiday in your own backyard!

Let's have a little fun down in Mexico

The Decor Details

Decor – Bee DesignsViva Mexico! Gacha Collection @SaNaRae
Cactus with Lights
Mexican Doll – Hanging
Mexican Doll – Sitting
Sofa – RARE
Chair – RARE
Sombrero & Poncho 1
Sombrero & Poncho 2
Crosses (2)
Decorative Plates

Guitar – KaerriLa Joya Collection – Guitar

Plant – Kaerri

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A Dreamers Corner – Featuring Bee Designs and Serenity Style

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

“All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible.”
– T.E. Lawrence

A Dreamers Corner

Today has decided to be one of those days that I wish had never happened, and I want to crawl back into bed, but I know that doesn’t help anything.  So I dove into decorating this new scene with goodies from Bee Designs and Serenity Style, hoping to channel some of my stress away and it worked, at least for a bit.  While decorating I was thinking of dreams and possibilities and how they can get crushed, but that you still have to continue to dream of you just wither away.




The Decor Details

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My quiet time to find original answers – Featuring KiB Designs

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Today is my son’s 19th birthday and I am in a bit of a daze wondering when he turned from my “little man” into a man, but it seems to have happened over night.  It was just he and I for a lot of years, and relying on each other has made our bond quite strong, but as any parent of a teen knows, sometimes it’s hard to remember what it was like before all the arguing, yelling and independence seeking began.  In the end you have to take a step back and watch them grow into adulthood, offering your help as it’s needed and also learning when to let them experience life on their own terms, just as we all did years ago.  I know he will probably wander far from home, and even today he said he will miss me when he goes, but no matter how far…

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Those wonderfully long Arabian Nights – Featuring Bee Designs @ Enchantment

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

If you are all like me, the moment I hear the words “Arabian Nights”, Robin Williams is suddenly singing in my head and I am once again caught up in the magic of Aladdin.  It’s not uncommon for me to randomly break out in song lyrics when situations or words come up, so I was not surprised by the Aladdin moment but tried to quickly move on, because, well, there is nothing Disneylike about this gorgeous new bedroom set from Bee Designs!  In the end I found myself on a musical journey with Morfou and ended up indulging in the tunes for a bit, which I decided needed to be shared.

Those wonderfully long Arabian Nights - Featuring Bee Designs @ Enchantment

The current round of Enchantment opened on the 12th and will shut it’s doors and sweep up the sidewalks on the 31st, which means you don’t have much time left to head over to the event and check out…

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