[OOTD] Anything, Anything 11.18.2018.

Miss Zombilicious

I’ve got hopes and dreams bigger than me.

Goodies from Zombie Suicide and Cult!

Hair – Wasabi // Pippa Mesh Hair – B&W [Wasabi Pills]

Alien – :Z.S: Alien Head [Zombie Suicide] New at Pulse Games!! Thank you! ❤

Collar – ::GB:: Take me leash 2018{F} (Bento) [Gabriel]

Skirt/Suspenders – : CULT : KillStar Pinafore Skirt [CULT] New at Kustom9! Thank you! ❤

Shoes/Socks – : CULT : KillStar Heels & Socks [CULT] New at Kustom9! Thank you! ❤

Poses – :Z.S: Bev poses & animations [Zombie Suicide] New thank you!! ❤

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[OOTD] Emperor’s New Clothes 11.4.2018.

Miss Zombilicious

In a world of lies be yourself.

Oldies and Goodies from CULT.

Hair – Lunar Phase [Mello] ❤

Collar – ::GB:: Take me leash 2018{F} (Bento) [Gabriel] at Kinky!

Blood – (Enfer Sombre*) Catwa Tattoo Applier – Witch Hunt [Enfer Sombre]

Wings – Sweet Thing. & darkendStare Demonic Wings [Sweet Thing]

Dress & Shoes – : CULT : SOLIS FATE [CULT] Thank you so much! ❤

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[OOTD] Poor Unfortunate Souls 11.3.2018.

Miss Zombilicious

I always loved Ursula… She never got enough credit.

This is my version of her in a modern setting.

New goodies from Aii and Zombie Suicide!

Hair – Tableau Vivant Gothica [1] – Buns – B+W [TV] at the Epiphany.

Hairbase – Tableau Vivant Catwa hairbase Gothica [2] [TV] at the Epiphany.

Mask – :Z.S: Occult Mask [Zombie Suicide] New thank you so much!! ❤

Blood – + Unholy Blood + {aii} (animated) [Aii] New thank you so much!! ❤

Gown – + Umbra Night Gown + {egosumaii} [Aii] New thank you so much!! ❤

Tentacles – //Naberius// Slick Tentacles (Classic) [Naberius] ❤

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[OOTD] Meet the Creeper 10.31.2018.

Miss Zombilicious

Sometimes I just want to stay a child..

One of the worst ones you can think of, Children of the Corn.

Happy Halloween y’all!!

Hair – Doe: Dark Room – Monotone [Doe] at Sanarae! ❤

Blood – (Enfer Sombre*)  Witch Hunt – Catwa head [Enfer Sombre]

Overalls – -Pixicat- Casual.Set (Black nr2) [Pixixcat]

Cuts/Marks – -[TWC]- Beauty Marks [The White Crow] ❤

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[OOTD] Nighttime Sky 10.25.2018.

Miss Zombilicious

I’ve been a slacky cake since I’ve been back.

Little bit of a flu but some amazing goodies!

From CULT and more!

Hair – +Spellbound+ Bloody Mary // Monochromes [Spellbound] at DSF!

Glasses – LeP – Goyang_Eyewear – Black [Le Primitif]


Rings – : CULT : Bat Rings [CULT] Thank you so much ❤

Top – Decoy – Jessie Jacket: Hocus Pocus Pack (tank from it) [Decoy] Hocus Pocus in store!

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