Girls Heaven -EVENT- ROUND 08/20 starts now!

Hello Heaven Girls,

🌻 Sunflowers & cornfields 🌾🌾 🌾 is the theme of the 8th round in our Girls Heaven -EVENT- ( formerly DESIGNER CIRCLE – THE EVENT -). Who doesn’t think of country and flower power? You can find all this and more till September 16th here.

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YoU by GeMyles , Dreamland Designs, Brii Underground Wear, ::Fatal Fashion::, ♚:::Vivacious Inc.:::♚, 🍒.::PiNK CHERRY::.🍒

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YoU by GeMyles – Dreamland Designs – Brii Underground Wear – ::Fatal Fashion:: – ♚:::Vivacious Inc.:::♚-🍒.::PiNK CHERRY::.🍒 – zOOm – BLASPHEMIC – ICEWERK – Myles Harvy Couture By Design – Key Style – Slackgirl – GIULIADESIGN – VIRTUE – WellMade – Sweet E’s – AnaSTyle – SIMPLY SADDII – Rose Water Inc. – Ashmoot – [Mow] – Suga Baby – Cozy Craft – Pink Fairy – PINK EAGLE – Unspoken Tales – Ahroun DESIGNS – Prairie – StoraxTree – VOND – Eyelure – VANNIES – Sexy Style – CHARAZAD DESIGN – 7 Deadly s[K]ins – BWC – Apple Heart Inc.

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Girls Heaven -EVENT- 

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Girls Heaven -EVENT- ROUND 07/20 starts now!

Hello Heaven Girls,

🌞 Sun & moon🌙 is the theme of the 7th round in our Girls Heaven -EVENT- ( formerly DESIGNER CIRCLE – THE EVENT -). Some designers have created EXCLUSIVE amazing Sun or moon items and the creations are available till August 19th.

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YoU by GeMyles , Dreamland Designs, Brii Underground Wear, SLEPT ON BEAUTY, ♚:::Vivacious Inc.:::♚, 🍒.::PiNK CHERRY::.🍒

Participating Designer Stores:

YoU by GeMyles , Dreamland Designs, Brii Underground Wear, SLEPT ON BEAUTY, ♚:::Vivacious Inc.:::♚, 🍒.::PiNK CHERRY::.🍒

7 Deadly s{K}ins – Virtue – WellMade – Slackgirl – AnaSTyle – Key Style – BLASPHEMIC – Ashmoot – Prairie – SIMPLY SADDII – GIULIADESIGN – Suga Baby – Cozy Craft – ::Fatal Fashion:: – Rose Water Inc. – Witch)O(Craft – Ahroun Designs – StoraxTree – Unspoken Tales – GO! MAKEUP – anny’s Fashion – Sexy Style – Sparkettes – *Cronos Poses* – VANNIES – Myles Harvy Couture By Design – Eyelure – Apple Heart Inc. – PINK EAGLE – .::WoW Skins::. – ICEWERK – VOND

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Girls Heaven -EVENT- 

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Pretty As A Picture.


Earrings: Meva@~ TRES CHIC VENUE ~ (17. July) Fusion Earring (Silver) NEW!

Necklace: Meva@~ TRES CHIC VENUE ~(17. July) Fusion Necklace (Silver) NEW!

Panties: Bishes Inc – Silk Panties (White) NEW!

Hair: AD@The Hair Fair – molly W/Bangs (DARK BLONDES) NEW!

Bear: MOoH!@Oh My Gacha  – Playful Teddy Camel NEW!

Top: Lolita@anyBODY – Babie Bikini Top (White) NEW!

Skin:  {AIMI} – Natural Celine & Sofia Mixture (Custom Skin)

Moles: Nox. – Beauty Marks [Seven]

Eyes: [Buzz] –  Aura Eyes (Nebula)

Hands: Slink – Enhancement Hands  (Casual)

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara V3.3

Feet:  Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.3

Ears:  Auricle– Mesh Ears 1.0 MP Link

Lashes: October’s 4Seasons – Enchanted Pink Tipped Mesh Lashes

Eyeliner: Al VULO! – Starshine (Black)

♥  Des

Hair Fair 2015 Join Us Poster

Love Hunt !Soul & Bamboo Gift : Complete Cupid Avatar

!Soul and Bamboo

06. February 2015 – 16. February 2015

Gifts: Complete Cupid Avatar

– Nails- 1 Heart for Cupid Bow + Arrows and Dress Bow
– 1 Heart for  Mesh Dress
– 1 Heart for Mesh Hair + Tiara/Hears Pink
– 1 Heart for Mesh Hair + Tiara/Hears Red
– 1 Heart for Mesh Sandals Slink and Belleza
– 1 Heart for Wings
– 1 Heart for Eyes, Eyelash Pink/Red hearts , Shape, Base
– 1 Heart for Skin with Pinky Tattoo
– 1 Heart for Skin with Red Tattoo

!Soul and Bamboo

!Soul & Bamboo - LOGO - Love Hunt 2015

Belleza Mesh Body – Venus

****WARNING**** Some Nudity however it is tasteful and not pornagraphic.

Belleza Venus Mesh Body

The new Belleza Mesh body is simply Stunning!!

It comes with lingerie (Black Shown here) There is whit and nude colors too.
You have the High, Mid and Flat Feet included in this body (SLink compatible).
The hands are also included with several styles to choose from!
No more attaching boobies to enhance your body, and no more need for intimate parts as they look genuinely real on this body! You can keep your own face, no mesh head to deal with. You can keep your own shape which allows you more control over sizing options for breasts and buttocks. You can wear regular mesh clothing, you will have to work with some of it to make it fit and not all pieces of mesh will work out as well as you’d hoped. No more attaching alpha layers! In the HUD for this amazing body you have an Alpha Layer Tab that makes the parts you choose invisible!! How Cool Is That!?! You have Finger nail options in the HUD, Long, Medium & Short Nails with several Nail and toe Nail colors to choose from. With the hand selections you have elegant, casual and even a rude gesture for all them haters lol, that is the fun one if you want my honest opinion. In the above photo, I have worn the Black Lingerie included with the Belleza Mesh Body – Venus. There are two more not shown. You also will find in the HUD that ALL Belleza skin tones are in the HUD as a Pre-Set, you do have the option to color coordinate other skin tone options into your HUD for other skin designers, so you aren’t limited to just Belleza Skin Lines. Be sure to go to the Belleza Head Quarters and try the DEMO, always try the DEMO on such purchases with a large Linden drop so that you can see the body of the item as well as the HUDs and any other technical pieces that make these super expensive body enhancements worth while in the end! Aside from the original Belleza group there is also now a group to help the owners of the new Belleza Mesh Body – Venus find clothing, appliers and even give creators a place to let the body owners know they are working hard to make clothing for the body produced by Belleza, that group is called, -Belleza- Mesh Creators Group, it is FREE to join so be sure to join that group to help locate amazing designs to wear on the sexier newer you!
Now, onto the photo…I have taken a lingerie and 2 nude shorts and combined them tastefully into one picture to show you how gorgeous the body is! You have options that are pretty close to endless, you’ll hit a brick wall occasionally still but it wont be long until before you have endless upon endless possibilities with this beauty. There is a Belleza Mesh Body – Venus Developers Kit that IS available at the Belleza Head Quarters, so you can pick that up for FREE and create new items for the Belleza Mesh Body – Venus so all of us who have this have more clothing and shoe options to make us look sure hot, sexy and oh so cute! I purchased this for just under $5000L’s so please be aware that when you go to price this sexy Belleza Mesh Body – Venus you will drop a nice chunk of change to look Divine with little effort, your honey will want you naked all the time and will thank you! The investment I made by purchasing this was worth it!
I am a very happy and satisfied customer once again, thank you to the whole Belleza team, you rock!

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