Last Day of Rock Your Rack 2015

Rock Your Rack 2015_Basta!, LoveMe Skin (lipstick), Dulce Secret (Azami Shape)

Dulce Secret (Azami Shape model), LoveMe Skin (Bold Pink Lipstick), Basta! (Pink Frou Frou Salad Dress), Zuri (Pink Opal Moon Bracelets), Zibska (Giselle in Noir Necklace & Earrings) & Nya’s Shop (Fur Bag)

More $10L Hunt fashion at RYR charity event!

Solaris Fashion Week ’15, Vestige Poses, New Truth, and LoveMe Skins @ The Designer Circle!

Solaris, Truth, LoveMe, Vestige #4_cropped

Solaris, Truth, LoveMe, Vestige #5hs_cropped

Doesn’t seem like I blogged very much from my blog title Today.  You all are used to me having super long titles, don’t let the title fool you.  I still have lots to talk about!  Finally Solaris Fashion Week ’15 is here!  Today is the first day and Solaris’s Fashion Week runs just as it says, one week.  I will try to blog as many Designers as I possibly can in a week, Today I am showing 4 Designers works from Solaris’s Fashion Week!  Much more found .:HERE:.