Serene wild and blue
Your skin on nights when all we see
Or hear is the new moon
All of me is lost in you
Sleep on genius
I fear your heart is darker than blue
Or than mine is
Astray, or at peace, askew
Close as a breeze or my own health
I saw you yearn

I’m near your heart
I climb those steps
Hold my breath in
In peace, on some peak, at peace
Close as the mail, close as the page
Lines thrown away
Alone on some
Great stage
Will I break break down and go to sleep to
At down, serene with you

Serenity IG

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Sun Kisses

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Bohemian Like you

Who’s that guy just hanging at your pad?
He’s looking kind of bummed
Yes, you broke up that’s too bad
I guess it’s fair if he always pays the rent
And he doesn’t get all bent
About sleeping on the couch when I’m there

Cause I like you
Yeah I like you
And I’m feeling so Bohemian like you
Yeah I like you
Yeah I like you
And I feel woa-ho

Bohemian like you IG

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Auto control

Por que contigo pierdo mi autocontrol
Me gustas tanto demaciado contigo pierdo
Mi autocontrol lastima que mi
Mama no este a mi lado

Contigo pierdo mi autocontrol
De pronto salto i autocontrol
Cielos que situacion

Self control IG

Hello lovelies!

eBento is still running and this round is so amazing with so many newness!

Showing off a new skin, a gorgeous tattoo from Carol G and so much more! Hope you like it!

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In the Nick of Time

Linda Reddevil's Blog

Reason #102 in the category “Why I love BOM” – I get to wear my old tattoos again! The belly tattoo I’m wearing is a really old one and was created especially for me by a friend of mine when I owned a club in SL. If he had stuck around in SL, I have no doubt he would have become a master at tattoo making by now. I know he’ll never see this but a big thanks to Abe Gravois for the fun and the tattoo.

D E T A I L S:
.:JUMO:. Britani Eyebrows BOM
.:EMO-tions:. * HAIRPIECE E & Hairbase
LaGyo_Ingrid Earrings @Tres Chic
Backdrop: anxiety %0400

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I feel so untouched
And I want you so much
That I just can’t resist you
It’s not enough to say that I miss you
I feel so untouched right now
Need you so much somehow
I can’t forget you
Been going crazy from the moment I met you

And I need you so much

Untouched IG

Hello lovelies!

Today a wild landscape for you, hope you enjoy it!

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