Sunset Party

This sunset reminds me of you
It’s purple, it’s pink, and it’s blue
It’s tangerine and all I need
You’re all I wanna ever see
This sunset reminds me of you
Does it make you think of me, too?

 Sunset Party

Hello lovelies!

I’m so proud to be part of the blogger team for Ebento! So many new and gorgeous creations in this round that the hard part is to choose! Here’ s today choice, hope you like it!

Have fun shopping!


Farmhouse Mornings

Gem's Finds

In the mornings we head down stairs in the bunk house to the coffee room.  Here we can have coffee or tea while we wake up and chat.  It’s always a great day when you smell bacon wafting in from the main house before we head out for our farming tasks for the day.

Our Farmhouse Corner set is by Old Barn Door.  This is a large set that comes with three different chairs, a buffet cabinet, two different hanging lights, a table, three wall decorations, flowers and various coffee and tea decorations.

Farmhouse Corner | Old Barn Door*

Aprons | Acorn –  Apron Wall Decor Hygge

Crate Flowers | Old World – Old crate of crocus v2

Canisters | Dust Bunny – Kitchen Clutter Canisters Grey

Backdrop | WeArH0uSE – Now

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Along the coast

Along the coast, come find me along the coast
Sudden raindrops condense and fall
From above me when I’m below
Let your love explode
Boy, please let it overflow
Don’t release me, don’t let me go
Till the sun rises in the morning

Along the coast, come find me along the coast
Can I watch while you row your boat?
I love the way you stroke it
I know you know, boy I say, I know you know
I’ll be missing you until the next time we’re along the coast

Along the Coast

Hello lovelies! With all the nautical releases on the grid i was inspired to make a cozy living room with the amazing couch from Merak and decor from Swank, hope you like it!

Have fun shopping!