Let me seduce you

Being with you
Longing for something to happen
Biting my tongue
Hoping to get a reaction
Atmosphere’s tense
Happy with anticipation
Don’t leave me here
With only my imagination

Free me

Now free me
Let me loose to love you
Yeah how I long to seduce you oh
Free me
Let me loose to love you
Yeah how I long to seduce you now

Let me seduce you

Have fun shopping!

Setting the scene for a perfect evening

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

The 4th Annual Rock Your Rack, presented by Models Giving Back, starts October 1st with all kinds of fantastic events planned, a hunt, a fashion show, and of course all kinds of wonderful and exclusive goodies for you to get your hands on with the proceeds going to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Tonight I just had to show off this absolutely stunning dining collection from Spargel & Shine Homes, exclusively available at the event. Whether you happen to keep your Second Life home open all year round, away from the seasons, or if you lean towards the more rustic, you are going to fall in love with the Mirabel Collection. Each piece is expertly designed with an incredible attention to detail making this a perfect addition to that dining room you didn’t know needed a makeover! So mark your calendars, set an alarm…

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The time of year that makes me think of home

Just a Spoonful of Psycho

Around this time of year, every year, I tend to get a bit nostalgic for where I grew up. The bonfires on the weekends with the suns rays warming you through the day and a slight chill in the air as the sun sleeps for the evening, making it perfect sweatshirt and jeans weather. Though I migrated West into the desert, most people forget there are huge mountains out here, with trees that change colors, lose their leaves and SNOW! As I drive the boys to school in the morning I am stunned by the amazing colors showing up on the mountain as the trees are well into their fabulous Fall display, all seeming to try to out due the other. But there will always be something missing here where I have made my roots, and I think maybe, for everyone, no matter where you are, it’s never quite like…

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