Tropical Girl

f you wanna be my friend
We can live the story tale to the end
Come away with me now
Come away, away

Let’s plan out a way
Baby, on a perfect getaway
Let’s go, let’s go
Come on, come on, come on
To the island, girl, yeah
Would you be my tropical girl?

Tropical Girl

Hello Lovelies!

So today a mix of amazing items! Newness from this round of Sense, mixed with some Plastik and peaches decor, all for a tropical mood!

Have a great Sunday!

Have fun shopping!


DESIGNER CIRCLE – THE EVENT – round 10/19 – Halftime!

Dear Fashion Friends,

It´s Halftime in our DESIGNER CIRCLE – THE EVENT –  . So come here and get some great items, but before our event ends on May 25th.

Happy Shopping 🙂




Participating Designer Stores:

DESIGNER CIRCLE -THE EVENT – is divided into 3 areas:

Designers Area A:

Precious Designs – .WINGED. – Uncharted Store – IAF – WANG – :: E N V Y H E R :: -GIULIADESIGN – [SHEBA] – Ferd’s Tattoo- WellMade – Graffitiwear – :: powdermoon :: – Aternat – * TentatioN * – Enigma Apparel – -LB- Mainstore – FurtaCor – CNZ – Juna Artistic Tattoo – smesh

Designers Area B:

[ICEWERK] – Sexy Princess – Prism Designs – StoraxTree – Apple Heart Inc. – Cremosas Fashion – .:S&B:. Fashion – AnaSTyle – :::Vivacious Inc.::: – 1 Hundred – Sn@tch – WitchCraft – Slackgirl – !!Firelight!! – .::PiNK CHERRY::. – [::Hysterical::] – Lana’s secrets – [Dallas MacKenzie] Designs – Eyelure – Continuum Fashion – 7 Deadly s[K]ins

Designers Area C:

anny’s Fashion – Ashmoot – GO Makeup

Guest: Rumours – Pacifica Fashion


Ain’t Your Mama

We used to be crazy in love
Can we go back to how it was?
When did you get too comfortable?
Cause I’m too good for that, I’m too good for that
Just remember that, hey

I ain’t gon’ be cooking all day, I ain’t your mama
I ain’t gon’ do your laundry, I ain’t your mama
I ain’t your mama, boy, I ain’t your mama
When you’re gon’ get your act together?
I ain’t your mama
No ooooh, I ain’t your mama
No ooooh, I ain’t your mama, no

Ain't Your Mama

Hello lovelies!

Today i feel a bit edgy and this leather set from Sn@tch just the perfect outfit!

Check out the amazing sales at 2nd Chance Sale plus the awesome sandals from Pure Poison!

Have fun shopping!


Seven Kingdoms

“Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon, Stark, Tyrell… they’re all just spokes on a wheel. This one’s on top, then that one’s on top, and on and on it spins, crushing those on the ground.”

Seven Kingdoms

Hello Lovelies!

For all GOT lovers, the war is near to its end!