Feeling in a manga for a moment

Walking around SL, u can find any kind of sims and shops and little places like this that take u to other world in a tiny space, today i visited Inaka and i really feel i’m inside a manga movie, hope u like as much as i do.




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Stupid Cupid Hunt Part II

Today is the last day to grab this grea goodies from Stupid Cupid Hunt 2 , i know you all are still with San Valentine’s handover but is a hunt to don’t miss it. Enjoy the weekend guys.
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Game of Thrones

I think i told you more than once but i will say again . I’m a freak and i love Game of Thrones, when i read the books i can’t stop waiting for more of the tv serie, but books help a lot to understand parts in serie you can’t catch, Sweet Lies is making a new masculine line with the most important characters and today i want to show you a couple of them. Hope you like it.
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Taking a Walk

Nice saturday in sl, here you can choice the weather, sadly in rl we can’t, hahaha. I went to a nice place called Piknik, a nice place to enjoy hanging with your friends or couple and ofc a good place to show you the new offers of Cosmopolitan Sales Room. Enjoy the saturday night guys.
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